3 x 10Km races in 19 days…Shh Don’t Tell The Physio!!

posted 20 Jun 2017, 05:40 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub   [ updated 20 Jun 2017, 05:47 ]
By Catherine McLean


You may ask why on earth would we put ourselves through this the answer is easy…..to get a night away and nae coos to milk!!  Our three races started with the good old MoK Run on Sunday 28th May followed by Kilmarnock “Roon the Toon” on Sunday 11th June and finally Brian Goodwin on Friday 16th June. 


The MoK Run was our first 10km race.  I was still suffering from very painful hips but was determined to do it regardless.  God bless painkillers and Nurofen Gel!  Sandy was determined for a PB and didn’t fail to provide.  Starting off his usual too fast but then got into his rhythm and cruised round the course.  He was so focused on his run that he never even seen the massive red hose belonging to the Fire Brigade!  Picking up his pace for the last kilometre crossing the line in 43:45 nearly 2 minutes faster than last year.  I on the other hand had negotiated with my Physio that I would not race but take part and for once in my life I did as I was told.  I set off in the fabulous company of Jamie Gee and Russell for the first couple of miles then got separated.  I continued at a happy pace catching up with Mary Marrison at Kilkerran Road we continued the race together having a good old chin wag on the way round crossing the finish line together at 1:10:51. Massively slower than last year but enjoyed every minute. 



The start of a busy weekend for us.  Heading to Prestwick to stay with William as the Kintyre Amateur Swimming Club had got through to the finals in the Mini League of the very first time so watching the club swim amazingly in Ayr on the Saturday.  After seeing William off on the mini bus back to Campbeltown, we were off to Kilmarnock to rest up for the Roon the Toon 10km on the Sunday. 


Race day seen the weather spitting before the race.  Opting for the Zumba warm up instead of a run had me in stitches watch Sandy trying to Zumba! (highlight of my day).  After a quick chat with ex-Toonie Sandy’s old neighbour Neil Smith it was time to head to our allocated starting pens.  With around 1300 folk running it was a tight squeeze.  The rain had stopped and it was starting to get a little mochie.  Sandy set off struggling to get through the masses.  I was in the 60-70 min pen happily.  I had just been diagnosed with Gluteal Tendinopathy and was told to be on a 3 week running ban.  (yep I listened).  The course seen us running through the town and heading out into the countryside.  Once again we were told this was a flat course…..eh no it wasn’t.  The cracking hill passed the abattoirs.  Sandy was running well and heading for another sub 45 min run.  I had met Gemma running her very first 10k so I ran with her, walked with her and encouraged her to pick it up again.  The last 2k was heading back to the start with a strong headwind to compete against.  The final 300m had you running on the track to the finish line.  Sandy crossed the line in an impressive 44:30 even beating the former Scottish 400m Champion Brian Whittle and myself in 1:10:55, sore but happy. 




Our final race was Brian Goodwin 10k one we enjoyed very much last year.  After seeing the Physio again earlier in the week I said I wasn’t going to be running as I was to get a cortisone injection but with driving we put it off until the Monday so you guessed it I was running.  After catching up with fellow CRC runners Stuart McGeachy, Ewan Smith and James McEachran.  Warm up over, race briefing done 458 runners headed to the start, with none other than Calum Hawkins at the front.  It was another close night but I was just thinking, finish this and its rest time, especially with my new bike in the boot of the car!!  Sandy and the rest set off like blazing glory while I happily set off behind.  After the first km I met Diane and we kept each other company on our first loop round.  Taking a wee look at my watch I told Diane Callum would be passing us shortly and sure as fate about 1 min later he came thundering past.  We just thought if there is a picture taken then we would claim we were fighting him for first place!!  Sandy was focused on another cracking run and was even chatting to a fellow ex-toonie Gordon Sandler which he always gives me an earful about.  At about 6km Diane was starting to struggle and told me just to go, so I picked up my pace and carried on round.  Passing marshal after marshal with the same statement “youre still smiling” and I was I was really enjoying my run until 8km my hips were really starting to hurt the painkillers were wearing off and I was getting dizzy with just 2km to go I was not giving in. Turning the corner and seeing The Smith Clan and Sandy waiting for me was just heaven.  Sandy finished in the amazing time of 44:11 and myself at 1:08:02.  It was official our 10kms races were complete.  Just Carradale 5km next week and that’s is it for the next while for me.  Well done to all the CRC Crew.  Looking forward to getting back to racing properly next time.