Brian Goodwin 10K

posted 27 Jun 2017, 05:36 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub
The Brian Goodwin 10K, which is organised by Bellahouston Harriers, took place on Friday 16th June at Pollock Park at 7:30pm.  Conditions were decent for good time...not much wind, no rain although it was a tad muggy in sections which made it difficult to breath.  As per usual there was a decent turnout from running club members for this popular even, possibly inspired by post race burger and beer on offer!

There was a tough line up with runners such as Callum Hawkins and Luke Traynor competing at the top end.  Both runners finishing with incredible times of 29:12 and 29:25 respectively.

Below are the timings and positions from CRC:

Position Name  Time
19 Stuart McGeachy 34:34
131 Kenny McLeod 40:57
139 Ewan Smith 41:50
190 Sandy McLean 44:11
247 James McEachran 46:54
446 Catherine McLean 01:08:02
Well done to everyone who made it up.  It's a great race and would recommend it to anybody who has never entered before.