Clydebank 10K Race Report

posted 20 May 2016, 05:59 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub   [ updated 20 May 2016, 06:05 ]
By Stuart McGeachy

The Clydebank race is part of the Polaroid Race Series which include 10K races in Helensburgh, Clydebank, Dumbarton and Vale of Leven.  It was our first time making the event in Clydebank and had heard that the race was a PB contender....which is why I entered!

When I signed up for this race a few months ago I had hoped this would be good sharpener for the MOK run, which is only 10 days away.  I managed to convince Elaine, Tommy and Jennifer to come along as well as they has been bang on form.  Little did I know I'd have just returned from a double injury on my hamstring and back which took me out of action for a few weeks....I'll moan aboot that later!  In addition, Elaine has also been suffering for the last 3 months with a problem with her left leg (origin of injury yet to be diagnosed!) so the McGeachy's were just 'hingin' together!

We also met fellow Jackie Fulton at the race who had competed in Helensburgh the previous week.  Always good to see some CRC members up at the big races.

The weather was honking before the run with heavy down pour leading up until 15 mins before start time.  We managed a quick warm up as the weather broke without getting too wet before the start.  

As usual it was a busy run with 797 competing.

Time of the night went to  Jennifer Martin who finished in 40:16 and 10th female overall.  It's no surprise that Jennifer has managed to take such a chunk out of her previous PB with all her recent hard training.  Finger crossed the sub 40 will come in the near future as she didn't look troubled coming over the line, suggesting there is more to come.

Tommy managed a time of 38:06, which isn't quite a PB but still a good run from the big man.  Tommy took it on his stride and managed to portray his feelings, post finish line dry chundering, in his usual eloquent and quiet manner....and I quote:

'Bigfla, you try getting a PB when you've been shoveling concrete a' day wi' big Geo' and havin' a 3 'oor journey up to this effein race listening to your rot in the car!  I only came up for the Dominos Pizza'

When you put it like that Tam!  I too had a tough day sitting at my desk in a warm office, drinking coffee and typing a few e-mails.  I feel yer pain pal, but I toughed it oot!  I can at least confirm he enjoyed his BBQ chicken Pizza, so that put a smile on his wee fizog!  

Elaine produced an excellent run given her injury with a time of 49:19.  It's a time she is happy with and hopefully can start making big improvements back to getting close to 45 mins again soon.

Jackie once again produced a great time in 51:07 and was 7th in her category.  Another excellent run on the lead up to the MOK.

As for me I manged to get round in 36:42.  A good couple of mins off where I was but just happy to be honest just happy to be running again.  It was a gamble racing so soon after the recent injuries, but couldn't help myself!  Hamstrings were tight throughout and had to stop during the race to stretch them off, so that's my biggest concerns leading up to the MOK.  Heart and lungs don't feel too bad so just need to get the legs stretched this week as don't want to pull out with an injury.  

Either way just hoping I can stay fit to get round the race next week.

All the best to everyone running next week.