Great North Swim-Windermere June 2016

posted 24 Oct 2016, 15:06 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub

By Marjorie Leighton

Having enjoyed the Great Scottish swim last year and the chance to catch up with friends I entered probably the most popular of the Great Swim events on Lake Windermere. I ended up with a start time of Friday late afternoon, so travelled on the day, with plenty of time to spare once I reached Windermere.  I parked and walked to the event which was the easier option and provided for a bit of a warm up. Despite the time the place was busy and I was glad that I had not got a start time on the Saturday or Sunday as the numbers of swimmers reaches the 1000s over the weekend.

The water was a warm 19 deg and like a mill pond. After the briefing and acclimatisation it was time to start swimming. The only race for me is against myself and to enjoy the experience. As I knew what to expect the nerves were better controlled and I was more relaxed and had a great swim.