Kyles 10 Miles Report

posted 6 Oct 2016, 04:42 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub   [ updated 6 Oct 2016, 04:42 ]
By Margaret Sinclair
On 10th September I took another ferry trip to a run. This time across from Tarbert to Portavadie, then drove to Tynabruich to do the Kyles 10 miles. Starting at the Royal Hotel the route went around the Ardlamont peninsula and finished outside the Kames Hotel. It was another beautiful day there, the village hall holds a craft fair and coffee morning then so plenty interesting goodies before the run. 
Described as "a chllenging road race" they're not wrong. The first 5 miles were hilly, particularly the first mile, having done it once before I knew to take it easy. So, made the hilly miles without stopping, enjoyed the down hills apart from the one runner always there who keeps passing me then I pass her, try to work out if she's trying to tire me. That worked, my legs were really sore for the last 3 miles and I was left behind, remembering what I had learned on the Chi running night. Focus, 1-2, work arms, 1-2 head up, chin down. 1-2 got me there in the end. My time was 1:40:40 142nd position of 215. 
Also there from the club, Gary Muir his time was 1:06 10th position, Jimmy Anderson from the town was 1:20:42 47th position. There's burgers to buy after the run and a biscuit and banana in your bag but if you want a cake you'll have to buy it in the morning at the sale.