Langdale Fell Race Report

posted 19 Jul 2017, 05:25 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub   [ updated 19 Jul 2017, 05:26 ]
By Sarah McFadzean

When recently spending some time down in Cumbria Cara and myself managed 
to have a go at our first fell Race experience at the Langdale Gala.
The Race is described by Ambleside Athletics Club who organise it as:

_'A very short, very steep scramble up the western slopes of Silver How as far as Spedding Crag, along the ridge and right back down again.
1.9km with 178 metres of ascent.'

It was 'only' 2K I though it can't be that bad so I'll have a go (The Juniors did 1K).  As we gathered at the start I quickly realised I was
the only one who was doing this for fun!  There were about 30 men and 5 females, and it was very likely I was the only one who had not done this

When we started it was straight onto the hill, I put my head down and just kept on climbing, I was using my hands at some points it was so
steep and impossible not to move upwards with out pulling yourself up. My legs were like jelly when I reached the top.  Coming down was easier
but equally as slow as going up due to the steepness and loose surface.

I'm glad I did it and would probably have a go at another fell race now I know what to expect!  Cara had a similar experience to myself both of
us coming last in our races! Cara however did win the flat race and the sack race and we did quite well in the egg throwing competition as well so a good time was had!

Two days later my legs were as stiff as they've been after a marathon!