MACC Challenge 2014 Report

posted 3 Dec 2014, 12:42 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub

By Mairi McKillop

Well what a day that was!!! Loved Loved Loved it, I smiled and laughed the whole way round, Very well organised lots or marshals where needed and the support from everyone was great, everyone was helping each other along and encouraging one another.

Coming down the big slide getting soaked from head to toe then getting covered in mud up to your knees climbing over and under the logs has never been so much fun and that was just to start. The course was 4 miles long with 15 obstacles and 5 power stations.

After a lot of obstacles which included trekking through mud, water, climbing, jumping, tyre rolling, sit ups, hay bale jumping.... Then came the panic room which is something I have never experienced before. It involved making your way through a smoked filled room with sirens and furniture everywhere that you had to make your way through in the dark to get to the exit and just as you reach the door a zombie jumped out and gave you the fright of your life. Once you got yourself together and got your breath back I must say it was awesome!!!!

Then you had the garage doors, I attempted 3 of them then gave up as I found them the hardest part with me being so small and it was such a big jump. We then had under a mile run back to the finish line where the fire brigade were just waiting to soak you and watch you go down as you ran up the big slide, Everyone was just waiting on you to go down we laughed the whole time.


At the finish you got a banana, water, medal and a t-shirt- Great value.

Afterwards inside you could get homemade soup, tea and cakes it was exactly what you needed after completing a course like that.

What a fun filled event and I would like to thank everyone involved in organising especially James Murdoch and Elaine McGeachy as this event wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for their time and efforts, also to the marshals who encouraged us all on throughout the way.

Photos from West Coast Photos