Maravan 2016 Report

posted 16 Dec 2016, 05:53 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub
By Sarah McFadzean

The seven lap course is predominantly within Thorpe Park in Cleethorpes where the Haven Holiday Caravan site is. The lap consists of less
caravans than you might expect! Winding through ‘the fitties’ chalets where we were staying and then the golf course you make your way
off site to run along a bridle path before you’re taken back round the caravans. Completing 7 laps has lots of benefits, mainly the knowledge
that the toilet is there, in the same spot every 3.75 miles! Although I only used it once each day, its nice to know its there! As I was not in
any kind of rush to get any time either day I was able to leave all my drinks and gels in my bag at the start/finish and collect them when I
passed. I swapped coats and changed T-shirt twice on the second day – it was drizzly/damp.

Day 1 was perfect autumnal weather and began with much excitement due mainly to going along to meet up with my friends from Cleethorpes AC and the other clubs/park run whom I made friends with while living here.  Along with the Marathon was the option to do it as a relay team so there was quite a buzz in the air as the teams sized one another up.Sarah &Tan. My friend Tanya had entered the Saturday marathon to keep me company for a while so we set of together and fell in to a nice pace, taking it easy on the slippy ice, which enabled us to chat chat chat… much chatting was going on I couldn’t believe it when I saw 7 miles on myGarmin – I should have been thinking about the second gel at 8 miles but had been so preoccupied with the chit chat I forgot I was even doing a marathon for a while there! Tanya ran three and a half laps with me (13miles) and then joined me again at 20 miles for a few miles (another
benefit of laps and knowing most of the marshal’s helped to distract me along the route too). 

I finished comfortably in 3:52 and headed back to the chalet for a hot bath, and a snooze and spent the rest of the day stretching and relaxing.
Day 2 I woke feeling quite fresh, I wasn’t as stiff as I expected. Taking it easy on the first day was definitely the way to go. It had
been very wet over night but the morning was dry.  

Start of Day 2.  

Today there was a half marathon event as well as the full marathon, although they used a slightly different lap we shared the route for part
of the way and again I knew lots of other runners and marshals. No Tanya today so music on and off I went, surprised to feel okay, I made it to
20 miles in a similar time to day 1. The rain was on and off through out but I had spare everything in my bag so swapped t-shirt three times and
coat twice! I was just starting to drag my heels by the end of lap 5 when Jonathan (a proper athlete – triathlon/duathlon GB champ) who I
had met while training at the track, joined me for a lap. He pulled me along and I’d probably of slowed considerably in that lap as I was
starting to get bored with no chit chat to keep me entertained to day! Leaving me with the last lap to contend with, I was happy to run round
for the 14th time of the weekends event and finished surprised to see my time had only just crept over four hours (- I’d given myself an
expected time of 4:30 on day two and 4:15 day one). The maravan medals are great, (I already have two at home) so I would
have been happy just to complete the double and go home with them, however to also come away with first female in the Day 2 marathon and
first female overall in the double event was a great bonus.