MATCC Sprint Triathlon September 2016

posted 24 Oct 2016, 15:03 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub

By Marjorie Leighton

Despite the torrential rain the previous day the morning of the MATCC Sprint Tri dawned bright and not too windy.

After the obligatory porridge and numerous loo visits I set off to Lochgilphead, arriving in time to bag one of the last spaces on the industrial estate. Having met Ailsa Clark we walked to the pool to go through the registration process and catch up with some familiar faces.

At the pre race briefing we were informed of a change in the cycle route due to the flooding across the Moss. OMG was this to include a hill?? Well yes, but more of an incline as it was to be an out and back course, the telling factor in the end was the devilish head wind on the way back, evident by the expressions on the riders faces as those of us pedalled out with it at our backs, thinking ‘this is not too bad after all’.

First to get underway were the team swimmers followed, by the heats for the rest of the competitors.

For me it was outside lane and swimmer number 3 which suited just fine. After a reasonable transition (the decision over which T shirt would go on the quickest the day before, an important factor in preparation-:) I was away on the cycle and actually managed to pass someone en route. Coming back as I said earlier not so exciting and made doubly worse by the impending run, my least favourite discipline, and 4 miles to boot!! Never mind it had to be done and needless to say the girl I passed on the cycled got her own back along the canal bank. It was warm with the sun in the eyes on the way out but at least the breeze was at my back on the return.  Well in no time, figuratively speaking, it was over and time for a shower and some much needed sustenance provided by the local scouts.

The wait for the results was not as prolonged as the previous year and at least it was still sunny. In the team standings The Battling Blondes from Campbeltown (Katie Fergusson, Emma Lazarus and Emma Moran) came in second female team with Emma taking fastest overall female swimmer.

There is an advantage to being ‘that bit older’ as there are usually fewer competitors in your section and I managed third place on the podium-really must try and improve my running!!!!