MOKRun 2015

posted 30 May 2015, 08:52 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub   [ updated 30 May 2015, 08:52 ]
It was another busy weekend in Campbeltown with approx 800 runners participating in the tenth annual MOKRun 10k and Half marathon races last Sunday.  It's the race that most runners have trained for over the cold, wet winter months and hope all the hard work pays dividend for the home event.  It was no surprise to have unfavourable weather conditions with strong winds making it difficult in certain sections of the race, particularly for the half marathon runners.  However, as we've all heard many times over, the conditions are the same for everyone and thankfully didn't stop most runners achieving good times.

There were some podium finishes for CRC in one of the strongest line ups of runners for both races.  Once again Matthew Turner and Jack Arnold won the 10K and half marathon races, with Bernadette O'Neill and Susan MacRitchie the Female winners respectively.
MOK Start line - Photo by West Coast Photos
See below for full CRC podium finishes:

Kenny Campbell - 3rd Male 34:23
Campbell O'May - 1st Male Junior 42:47
Fiona Graham - 1st Female local + 2nd Female Overall 43:22
Maryann Wylie - 1st Female Junior 53:07
Katie Ferguson - 1st Female Veteran 45:55
Susan Turner - 1st Female Super Veteran 47:43
Jackie Fulton - 1st Female Vintage 51:10

Half Marathon
Alex Soudan - 1st Male Local 1:27:20
Jennifer Reid - 1st Female Local 1:36:24

Congratulations to all the CRC podium finishers and for all members who were racing at the weekend.

Just another 51 weeks until the next MOK.....