SKSC 2016 Race Series - Race 4 Pennygown

posted 26 Jul 2016, 13:31 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub
The fourth race for the SKSC 2016 Race Series will be at Pennygown.  Please note, this is a slightly different route to the previous races at Pennygown.  The race starts at the old halfway mark turning point at the top of the steep hill (Just over 1.7 miles after turning off the main road).  Please see map below for exact details of route.

There is a spur road at the start line to park cars. Please share cars where possible to reduce traffic on these roads.

Full details below:

Race 4 - Pennygown

Date: Tuesday 2nd August 2016
Venue: Pennygown

Time: 1900hrs.  Please arrive early to help time keepers identify all runners.  Also, please report into Marjorie as soon as you arrive so we can't mark you as present!  Thanks
Distance: 5K
Cost: Free 

Please note the race is handicapped (40 min limit).

For CRC members who are on the Facebook page then an event will be created later this week, so please respond If you are interested in participating.   For any non CRC members wishing to participate then please e-mail to advise if you are interested in running.  If you have never competed before then please provide an estimated 5k time to enable us to calculate a handicap time.