SKSC Race Series - Race 5 Campbeltown Report

posted 2 Sep 2014, 15:12 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub   [ updated 3 Sep 2014, 00:58 ]
The final race in the 2014 SKSC 5k Race Series took place on Tuesday 2nd September in Campbeltown with 38 runners competing in this flat, fast course.    The customary final race in the 'toon' is a favourite amongst runners as it gives everyone an opportunity to achieve a fast time, especially after some challenging routes this year at Machrihanish Air Field, Ballochgair, Chiskan and Barr Glen.

Once again the race positions will be kept secret and will be announced at the SKSC Race Series prize giving.  We like to keep people guessing the winner of the overall competition!  

Below is a list of the real times for each runner for this evenings race:

Race No Name Real Time
40 Stuart McGeachy 17:25
112 James Murdoch 17:45
61 Cameron Campbell 18:55
98 Douglas Ferguson 19:34
64 Thomas Cameron 19:46
5 Darren Renton 19:47
70 Stuart Graham 20:05
77 Alasdair O'May 20:11
160 Robert McKinnon 20:13
114 Gregor Campbell 20:17
141 Ewan Smith 20:17
169 Iain Cameron 20:34
9 Jennifer Reid 20:35
12 Fiona Graham 20:35
134 Andrew Renton 20:54
10 Jennifer Martin 20:59
4 John Galbraith 21:00
118 Charles Anderson 21:47
159 Chris Haran 21:55
52 Susan Turner 22:22
140 Elaine Fraser 22:25
25 Jocelyn Richard 22:31
162 Euan Charlwood 22:35
13 Moira McLellan 22:54
110 Ashleigh Conner 23:01
144 Jenny Semple 23:25
16 Elaine McGeachy 23:49
130 Robert Semple 23:54
90 Maryann Wylie 24:06
117 Campbell Read 24:07
168 Callum Cook 24:28
42 Margaret Sinclair 25:44
18 David Paterson 25:45
156 Janet Scott-Dodd 26:46
115 Liz Richardson 27:07
104 Alison Millar 28:31
154 Joanne Tiffin 29:12
31 Sarah Campbell 30:38

CRC would like to thank our sponsors South Kintyre Sports Council for their donation this year to help the race series.  We would also like to thank all the time keepers who have helped this year who were Suzy, Janette, Marjorie, Alison, Val, Christine, Katie, Neil John, and Rab. The race series isn't possible without their help and all their efforts are greatly appreciated.

A special mention goes to John Galbraith and Darren Renton who are the only two runners who have competed in all 30 races, over the last 6 years, since the inception of the series.  Below is a picture of the boys before the race....I think John is trying to give Darren the Vulcan death grip to keep the record for himself!  

A final thank you to everyone who competed in any of the races this year and we look forward to seeing you all at the Race Series prize will be announced soon!