SKSC Race Series 2017 - Race 1 Campbeltown

posted 2 May 2017, 14:14 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub   [ updated 3 May 2017, 15:10 ]
The first race of the 2017 SKSC 5k Race Series took place on Tuesday 2nd May in Campbeltown with 56 runners competing in this flat, fast course.    Conditions were ideal with sunshine and only a slight breeze in certain sections of the course.

CRC would like to thanks everyone who attended this evening.  Special thanks to our time keepers, marshals and bakers who provided post race treats!  Very much appreciated and without their help this event couldn't take place.

As per usual, the race positions will be kept secret and will be announced at the SKSC Race Series prize giving.  

Below is a list of the real times for each runner for this evenings race:

Race NoNameReal Time
40Stuart McGeachy16:47
11Dom Sharkey17:41
44Drew Dutton17:45
28Tommy Morran18:57
10Jennifer Martin19:27
150Alex Soudan19:33
5Darren Renton19:36
64Thomas Cameron20:06
77Alasdair O'May20:07
177Scott Ferguson20:11
20Sandy Mclean20:13
9Jennifer Reid20:20
60Johnny Girvan20:33
38Ryan Shields20:44
63Hazel Barr20:55
15Archie Johnstone21:01
167Gary Anderson21:19
134Andrew Renton21:23
26Sam Ferguson21:31
7Katie Ferguson21:43
173Derek Graham21:54
140Elaine Cameron22:18
4John Galbraith22:32
25Jocelyn Richard23:01
178Ranald Watson23:10
39David Leishman23:17
130Robert Semple23:29
14Neil John MacPhail23:51
13Kirstie Renton23:56
6Ruairidh Campbell23:57
52Susan Turner24:06
35Lorraine McDonald24:14
48William McLean24:14
75Eilidh McAllister24:15
42Margaret Sinclair25:11
116Eilidh Girvan25:22
171Kenny Morrison25:44
170Jackie Gordon25:45
34Frances Valentine25:54
71Kerry O'May25:59
179Cameron McGeachy26:05
55Sean Charlwood26:18
90Maryann Wylie27:41
180Michael McGeachy28:07
174Katie Hassan28:15
172Catherine Ronald28:17
176Gavin Brown28:23
17Nancy Hope31:27
22Val Hope31:29
36Alison Millar31:40
175Lorraine Griffiths31:44
23Catherine McLean31:49
43Annabel Semple31:59
31Sarah Campbell32:15
2Gerri McAnerny40:32