SKSC Race Series Race 1 - Campbeltown

posted 3 May 2016, 14:07 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub   [ updated 3 May 2016, 15:09 ]
The first race in the 2016 South Kintyre Sports Council (SKSC) Race Series took place in Campbeltown this evening with 51 runners competing in the 5K event.  Conditions were perfect for PB's as a relatively cool evening was little wind affecting the route. 

A big thanks to the race time keepers, marshalls and bakers who provided post race treats! Also, thanks to everyone who came along to support this event.

Below are a list of the race timings for this evening.  As per usual, the results for this handicapped race won't be disclosed until the the end of the series to keep you all guessing!

NameReal Time
Dom Sharkey17:40
Cameron Campbell17:49
Drew Dutton18:09
Tommy Morran18:10
Darren Renton19:19
Gregor Campbell19:22
Stephen Blackstock 19:48
Jennifer Martin20:04
Thomas Cameron20:06
Douglas Ferguson20:07
Iain McGougan20:09
Ewan Smith20:09
John Galbraith20:55
Sandy Mclean20:57
Stewart Ireland21:02
James Arbuckle21:03
Grant Edmonson21:08
Emma Morran21:10
Ryan Shields21:21
Neil John MacPhail21:48
Alex Soudan22:05
Jocelyn Richard22:26
Sarah McFadzean22:29
Elaine Fraser22:34
Kerry O'May23:50
David Leishman24:05
Susan Turner24:12
Ali Millar24:30
Lorraine McDonald24:47
Kathleen Mair24:48
Campbell Read25:07
Claire McAllister25:13
Ruairidh Campbell25:33
Alix Geyer25:48
Katie Ferguson25:50
Margaret Sinclair25:52
Frances Valentine26:01
Kirsty Black26:35
Mairi McKillop27:34
Elaine McGeachy27:39
Jackie Graham28:03
Kim Donnan28:31
Elizabeth Graham29:29
Catherine McLean29:46
Liz Richardson29:50
Sarah Campbell31:29
Alison Millar32:03
Annabel Semple36:24
Gerri McAnerny38:26
Euan CharlwoodDNF
William McLeanDNF

If I've missed anybody or got any time incorrect then please advise Stuart McGeachy.