Tarbert 5K\10K 2017 Race Report

posted 22 Aug 2017, 04:51 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub
By Ewan Smith

A goodly number of members made their way north last Saturday to run in 
the sunshine amidst the splendour of the Jewel of the West.  Tarbert 
offers 2 races; a fairly flat 5K and a more challenging 10K which starts an hour later affording the hardy and the deranged the chance to do 

CRC representation was strongest in the 5K.  Along with, Neil John and Margaret Sinclair, I had opted to do both, so some sort of pacing 
strategy was clearly required. My initial idea was to sit behind Stephen Blackstock who was also entered for both and hing in there for as long 
as possible. However, with Stephen AWOL on the day, strategy was oot the window. The 3 front runners soon got clear of the pack but while they 
were clearly taking it fairly easy, they were still too fast for me to contemplate even trying to keep up and so I found myself on my own not 
maybe running as hard as I should have though still conscious that Sandy McLean was not far behind and running well.
All the CRC ladies, Susan Turner, Margaret Sinclair, Annette McMillan and Catherine McLean had good runs but it was the juniors who deserve 
most praise. Euan Charlwood, who spent a fair few miserable winter nights training with the adults came in 12th overall, Ruaridh Campbell 
finished in 24.14 with William McLean -who I think was the youngest man in the race - close behind. Full 5k results at the end.

And so to the 10K in which Margaret, Neil John and myself were joined by Iain MacGougan and Kathleen Mair.  Neil John had originally been signed up to referee the local derby with Tarbert's Lochy rivals in the afternoon but had made a late escape. There is, however, no truth in the 
rumour that either of the teams objected to him on the grounds that he has limited experience of dealing with corners!  In the event, with the 
locals being heavily defeated it was perhaps as well he had reneged as any referee in that game would need fresh legs to ensure a swift escape 
from the mean streets of Tarbert.

I set off with Iain MacGougan in hot pursuit; so hot that he passed me at the bottom of the High Road. And then I passed him and then he passed 
me. By the time we were heading out the village he was starting to establish a lead and I offered a Marshall £1 if she would trip him up. 
But Tarbert folk are dacent and she wouldn't do anything of the sort. Maybe if I'd said a fiver...

As we approached the school, Iain looked unassailable but I consoled myself in the knowledge that Iain is just a boy compared to me...but 
then again who in Tarbert would believe that?  We headed down the Pier Road, where all too soon the first 3 runners met us on the way back.  As 
we turned we passed the rest of the CRC contingent all looking good.  This is borne out by the photos; Margaret Sinclair as always looks as if 
she's having great fun and Kathleen looks composed whereas I'm like Quasimodo in a vest.  I was also quite pleased to see my oldest doing 
fine in his first 10k but thankfully not so well as to be a threat to his old fla any time soon.

Then up the Big Brae where I struggled - but if the boy MacGougan could keep running so could I!   As we approached the highest point, I was 
close to stopping but the gap had closed and I realised that Iain was flagging and just on the top I passed him. To be honest I thought he'd 
pass me again before the bottom but he didn't. I'm not quite sure what was going on when we reached the flat but suddenly I felt as if I had 
new legs and if strava is to be believed it must be one of the best final Ks I have ever run.  Iain finished close behind me, with Kathleen 
on 53.23 and Margaret on 57:27. Neil John had unfortunately had bad cramps but nonetheless completed the course in 59:28.

The winner of both races was Kieran Cooper who with father, Richard (2nd in the 5, 3rd in the 10) is no stranger to races in Kintyre. Nicholas 
Gemmell, another familiar face was second in the 10k.

If you've never done Tarbert I thoroughly recommend it. Lorraine and Jessica organise a great day out and the 10k is a great challenge. It 
also provided me with a meal for 2 in the Starfish which is always good for dispelling any disharmony about all the weekends spent running.   
And there was also a nice bottle of Glenfiddich which was very timely as the Glen Scotia bottle has only just evaporated!

5k results

Ewan Smith.         20:28
Sandy McLean.    21:08
Euan Charlwood.  22:12
Neil John MacPhail 22:41
Susan Turner.         23:54
Ruaridh Campbell.  24:14
William McLean.      24:23
Margaret Sinclair.     25:38
Annette McMillan.    32:07
Catherine McLean.   34:52