The Great Scottish Run 2016 Report

posted 4 Oct 2016, 13:57 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub

By Catherine McLean

This was my second year running the Great Scottish Run 10k the morning was very foggy and cold!  I thought perfect conditions….well as long as I didn’t get lost!!  I had arranged to meet up with Annette (Bella), Malcolm McMillan, Janette and Jodie Hannah at 9am in Stockwell Street before heading up to George Square.

When we arrived Bella, Malcolm and I said goodbye to Janette and Jodie who were heading to the White Wave and we headed to the Pink Wave.  Malcolm was in the Green Wave but held back with us.  After the usual nerves pee we took ourselves as close to the front of the Pink Wave as we could. 

After bouncing about at the warm up and singing Caledonia at the top of our voices we waited patiently as we heard the White Wave and Green Wave set off.  Next it was us!

Off we went pacing the hill well.  Bella just got ahead of me before the top but caught her up again going down.  We continued running together until hitting the Clydeside Expressway where Bella took off.  I had her in my sights most the way over and back down, then I lost her.  I kept zoning in and out as I was running along making my pace drop.  I would eventually notice and would pick it back up again.  Heading into the halfway mark I was feeling ok, I heard someone call my name it was fellow Campbeltonian Caroline Armour. My knee and ankle were niggling just a little but I pushed through it and carried on.  As I continued to run through the streets I heard my name getting shouted a quick look and a wave to my neighbour Jayne Young fae the Drum, which was great it gave me a wee boost.  I had never been so pleased to see the water stop, grabbing a bottle and dumping most of it over my head and off I went, not before nearly hitting a pedestrian on the pavement with my bottle as I lobbed it….oops!!!!  I did however shout sorry! It seemed hardly anytime and I was coming over the squinty bridge, woohoo only 3k to go.  Biggest entertainment there a wee grey squirrel running along with us.  Haha.  Before I knew it I was at the Wall of Support, seeing my messages from the kids and my friends honestly brought a tear to my eye.  Continuing at a reasonable pace my ankle was really starting to kick in trying to focus on just getting to the end, the 400m was in sight and so was Janette and Jodie giving me a shout and wave of encouragement.  Through McLennan Arch it was the home stretch.  Picking up the pace focusing only on the finish line I crossed it in 1:04:18 knocking over 4 minutes off of last year’s time!!! Super happy with my time. 

As much as I would have liked to get a lot closer the that sub 60 there is always next year and hopefully Sandy will be able to join me as well.  Stupid coos!!