Tin Farm 5 2016

posted 8 Nov 2016, 11:48 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub   [ updated 8 Nov 2016, 11:48 ]
It was another glorious day for the  10th annual Tin Farm 5 which took place on Sunday 6th November.  The organisers added an additional race for the juniors which was a 1.5 mile route on tarmac and the beach.  Once again It was another successful year for CRC on the podium in both the Junior and Senior events.

In the 8-10 year category, Ruaridh Campbell finished first male in 08:02.  Sean Charlwood finished as second male in 08:35 and Robert Kerr third in 09:50.  For the female Violet Campbell finished first in 08:03, just 1 second behind Ruaridh.  Emma Miller finished second in 10:04 and Niamh Quinn in 10:06.

In the 11-13 year category Gregor Campbell strolled to victory in an impressive 06:35.  Euan Charlwood finished as second male in 07:34 and Andrew Renton as third male in 07:42.  Eilidh Cameron was first female in 08:04, Caryn Kerr second female in 08:52 and Polly Payne third in 09:47.

In the adult race Stuart McGeachy finished first in 32:05.  Cameron Campbell was second (first junior) in 33:34 and Drew Dutton third in 34:39.  Tommy Morran finished in fourth in 36:22 and picked up a podium prize as third senior overall.

Jennifer Martin finished as first female in a course record time of 36:36.  Simeone Charnock finished second in 37:41 and Emma Morran third in 41:10.

Darren Renton finished as first male vet in 36:46.  Allan Reid was second vet in 37:21 and Doogs Ferguson third in 38:33.  Katie Ferguson finished as second female vet in 44:55 and Lorraine MacDonald third female in 46:54.

In the super vet category Jocelyn Richard finished 1st female in 46:02, and Susan Turner second in 46:27.

Impressive podium finishes and times once again for the club.  Thanks again to the organisers for putting on another great event.

For full race timings and results can be found here.