Tweed Valley Ultra - Race Report

posted 11 Dec 2017, 05:35 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub
By Sarah McFadzean

Tweed Valley Ultra, 19th November

The race started in minus three frosty darkness and the chill in the air 
never really went away - I was thankful I had my hand warmers inside my
gloves!  I had not planned to wear the hat which was on the mandatory list however ended up not taking it off! The plus side of such cold
weather was a beautiful frosty view as the dawn broke.  The sun shone all day and the weather really was perfect.  Had it not been so cold the
trails would have been a mud bath and underfoot would have been much less enjoyable.  As it was everything was frozen and feet remained dry

I had never really let myself contemplate the full 41 miles in training and on the day I followed a similar strategy dividing the route in to
sections, for example the check points were at 10K, 11 miles, 21miles and 31 miles....... my Garmin went flat at 35.5 miles so I never saw the
numbers go up ward from there although I did get Strava going on the phone at that point and got the final section recorded, I never did get
to see the evidence of 41 miles on my watch.  But hey that doesn't mean it didn't happen!!

I had guestimated I'd take around 8 hours and the official time recorded is 8hours 40mins, which taking in to account I had a cup of tea at a
check point and faffed about topping up water bottles and taking photo's, used the loo twice (and went alfresco once!)  I think that time
is justifiable.  I took a little walk on a cycle path around 35 miles as the switch from trail to tarmac caused my left knee joint some issues
but after a brisk walk it sorted itself out and I was able to run round the final trails no problem.

I'v not had much chance to properly think about the distance until I measured it out on a drive home from work this week.....that 41mile
drive seemed to take forever! Three weeks on and I've been having an easy return to running, ten days off was followed by a few four mile
runs to test the knees out and a 10K this week to get some mileage back in. Loking forward to training up again for 2018's challenges and
scheduling a 50 miler in 2019 (injuries permitting!).