Ultra Tour of Edinburgh 2018

posted 26 Nov 2018, 12:55 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub
By Ralphy Hill

In the capital dawn breaks in the autumn air and the Ultra Tour begins with a brave heart charge down the most
famous street in Scotland, The Royal Mile. The course the takes you through 57 km of streets, alleyways, onto
hills, up crags, past monuments, museums, seats of royalty, government buildings and up and down 3000ft of
assent and descent. 

Through the Innocent Railway, Craigmillar Castle and the Union Canal, the ultra was one of
the most enjoyable I have ran from the surfaces of the Pentland Hills to the docks of Leith. The Ultra Tour of
Edinburgh is a unique full way marked and marshaled run.

Time 6.03 hrs, 59.6 on garmin.