SKSC Race Series

The SKSC Race Series is an event that takes place at 19:00 on the first Tuesday of each month (between May and September) over a 5KM route. The purpose of the event is to help the members of the club gauge there improvement against themselves and each other.


The purpose of the Handicap Run is to provide you with a chance to measure your current form by comparing your time over the same course with that of previous months. It is also a competition in which members of all abilities can compete equally with each other.

You don't have to be super fit or super fast to take part. The aim is to provide you with a measure of your current form, whether your fit or unfit.

Handicap Series Rules

5 venues from 10 appointed each being the set distance of 5KM

Loch Lussa

Macrihanish Air Field



Glen Barr

Davvar Island





Each runner will be given a handicap time which will be taken from a current race time,within the last 12 months

A runner who has not got a time for the first race or the remaining races will be given a scratch time. No points will be awarded for that race.

A runners handicap time will not move outside the 30sec rule for each race,ie your handicap will not increase more than your original handicap time.

Only 4 of the 5 races will count towards the final points total

Points awarded for each race will start from 100 pts for 1st place,99 pts for 2nd place and so on.

A one off runner who runs 2 races or less will receive the lowest points awarded in that race,as to not having any reflection on the final points total.


The results of the Handicap Run and the latest Series Standings can be found on the results menu on the right hand side of this page or in News and Race Reports menu.