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SKSC 2017 Race Series Results

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As we mentioned at last weeks prize giving, the SKSC 2017 Race Series complete results and table can be found in the 'SKSC Race Series' page under the 'Events' Section.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view this years, and if your're bored previous years as well!

Alternatively you can can click here :-) 

Jimmy Irvine 10k 2017 - Race Report

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The annual Jimmy Irvine 10k at Bellahouston Park took place on Sunday 12th November 2017 on a glorious sunny but bitterly cold day. Organised by Bellahouston Road Runners the route had changed from previous years and runners thought (hoped) that this would be an easier, flatter route. They were wrong.

I had taken part in this race before. In fact, I had vowed never to do this again after the first time. I had found the multiple park loops mentally demoralising and hate the inclines within the park with no support of the crowd. Naturally, I had returned a few times to put myself through the pain again (as you do as a runner) and here I was again! Stuart had signed up after finding out it was a new route. Ideal to finish off the racing year after a tremendous year of great performances, hoping to get another strong finish or even PB. I hadn’t really raced at all during the year, trying to stay away from tempting speedwork that aggravated the injury but I decided to go along to cheer on Stuart and the CRC gang. However, with my injury gradually, hopefully improving (and with the promise of a paid lunch to Wagamamas) I entered the week before. I decided I’d give my injury a test, I’d race it and see how it coped.

When we arrived at registration at Nethercraigs, which was now over a mile away from the park, Stuart bumped into one of his ‘fast friends’ (Crispin Walsh of Bellahouston Harriers) who instantly told him the changes to the route made it “not a PB course” with more hills and lots of twists and turns. Fantastic! A gathering around a few vans indicated the start line and we jumped in for the gun start – and we were off! Straight up a hill. Well that certainly slowed me down but I kept Johnny McCormick in my sights who told me in the warm up he was aiming for around 50 minutes but really wasn’t sure. That would do me, I thought. By 1 km we had already turned around 2 cones and 1 sharp bend and I was wishing it was the end already. The loops allowed you to cheer on fellow runners. I tried to indicate with my eyes “this is bloody horrendous” and a few encouraging words hopefully slipped out instead. By around 4k you had an idea of what the overall route was like as you had to repeat this again and then a mini loop to finish. Johnny had now dropped behind, struggling with a calf injury but he is a trooper and I thought he would overtake me again at any minute. Johnny’s family were out in support so that kept him going and their cheers at the halfway kept me going too – always nice to see a friendly face. I knew Stuart and Jen were looking strong as we turned back and I managed to glimpse Johnny and Lorraine around 6.5k, also looking good. Maybe it was just me that was finding it hard.

By 8k I thought I better look at my Garmin, hopeful that I could still achieve a sub-50 and on quick glance I saw it still in the 30’s so I knew it was possible. I dug deep as I turned the corner for the last mile, wind in face and one last hill, finally setting eyes on Kerry who gave me some encouragement to push on. My leg was getting sorer. I had committed this far so might as well push on for the last straight, I could deal with the pain after. I crossed the line in 45.42. Ecstatic to have it over with, vowing yet again never to do this race again. I was shocked but delighted with my time! Stuart and Jen were already at the finish, looking fresh and happy with their performances. Unfortunately no PBs but that was expected with such a hard course but excellent positions in such a competitive race. Johnny, Kerry and Lorraine finished shortly after and we all departed quickly due to it being bloody freezing! I trotted along the road, adding in a few extra miles to meet Stuart at Wagamamas (keeping his promise), happy that my leg held out, despite a bit of pain now. The next day when processing the results I also realised that I managed to beat my 10k PB… by 1 second! I’ll take that! Considering the past 2 years I’ve thought I’d never get anywhere near that again, I’m chuffed! Maybe 2018 I will be injury free and I can aim for another PB. I live in hope!

6th - Stuart MCGEACHY  00:34:25
63rd - Jennifer Martin  00:39:35
191st - Elaine MCGEACHY 00:45:42
214th -  JohnnyMcCormick 00:46:35
285th -  Kerry O'MAY  00:48:40
333rd - Lorraine MacDonald 00:50:01


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Congratulations to all our worthy nominees and prizewinners – a fantastic range of achievements over the year. Here is a summary of the prizes :


  • Female 3rd – Lorraine MacDonald 
  • Male 3rd – Ewan Smith
  • Female 2nd – Catherine McLean 
  • Male 2nd – Stuart McGeachy
  • Female 1st – Margaret Sinclair 
  • Male 1st – Sandy McLean


Below is a list of the individual race winners:

  • Race 1 (Campbeltown) - Annabel Semple
  • Race 2 (MACC Base) - Rachael McGeachy
  • Race 3 (Ballochgair) - Rachael Mcgeachy
  • Race 4 (MACC Base) - Susan Turner
  • Race 5 (Campbeltown) - Gerri McAnerney
Below are the SKSC overall podium finishers:
  • Female 3rd – Eilidh Girvan and Hazel Barr 
  • Male 3rd – Neil John MacPhail
  • Female 2nd – MaryAnn Wylie 
  • Male 2nd – Alisdair O'May
  • Female 1st - Susan Turner 
  • Male 1st – Sam Ferguson


CRC Nominated Prizes

  • Most Improved 2017 – Hazel Barr
  • Sporting Achievement 2017 – Ralphy Hill
  • Best Performance 2017 – Stuart McGeachy
  • Club Member of the Year 2017 – Ewan Smith

Junior Prize winners


  • 3rd Rona McLean
  • 2nd Carla Renton
  • 1st Cara McFadzean


  • 3rd James Reid 
  • 2nd Ruairidh Campbell
  • 1st William McLean 

Overall Points - Cara McFadzean

Thanks to Stronvaar Bowling Club for hosting an enjoyable evening.

Toon Ferm 5

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Due to the disappointment of the day oot at Ormsary for the annual Tin Farm 5, CRC decided to have the Toon Ferm 5 in replacement.  It was a cold winter’s day but the sun shone in favourable conditions for all 20 runners that took part.  It was a bit of a mud fest and a tough hill but everyone was rewarded with amazing views and some good trail at the top. 


HUGE thanks to the McLean’s at Balnagleck for their hospitality, allowing us to use their farm and milking parlour, and to Catherine for the fab photos.  We couldn’t do these events without our faithful volunteers and helpers – thanks to everyone who helped marshal and time-keep - particularly Suzy, Susan, Janette, Iain McG and Ruth.  Thanks also to everyone who provided soup and cakes – they went down a treat and were very much appreciated.  I think we had more cakes than Tin Farm!!!  Finally, thanks to Argyll Bakeries for the donation of rolls and use of their water urn. 


Well done again to all, below are the results -





















































































































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By Iain McGougan

2ND of July 2017 was the date that the Ironman juggernaut rolled into Scotland for the first time and set up camp in Edinburgh. After completing Arranman in 2016 I thought Edinburgh would be a gentle cycle through the Lothian county side followed by an easy run around Edinburgh, I was in. 

Arriving at registration on Saturday the 1st of July at Meadowbank Stadium was certainly an eye opener. Admiration and envy of the sheer volume of carbon dream machines hanging off every car soon turned into trepidation followed very quickly by utter panic about the volume of training I had completed or to be more accurate not completed. Completing registration was a doodle with loads of helpful and friendly staff who were always smiling, this helped settle me down again. Walking around the expo spotting what it seemed to be hardened Ironman veterans everywhere almost sparked a complete meltdown but I managed to maintain a calm exterior for the benefit of my support crew (Ruth). Perhaps the panic was more about the thought of a wife let loose in the merchandise shop rather than the next days race.  The pre race briefing was an eye opener not for the cheesy well worn funnies from the Directing Staff but when asked the volume of first timers taking part tomorrow, at least I have had prior experience (yes at my age I know it’s something I’m not lacking in) of what lies ahead. 

Separate transition areas for T1 & T2 meant careful packing of the required bags before dropping them off in the designated areas. So run bag safely deposited in Holyrood Park in the centre of Edinburgh it was off to Musselburgh to rack my silver dream machine and a swim practice. Bike racked and heading to the beach I started to hear the murmers of discontent from fellow competitors. It seems the state of the Firth of Forth was causing a bit of concern for my fellow athletes. On seeing the waves gently lapping (or something like that) I quickly decided that there was no point in having a swim practice. Being dashed back onto the beach by the breakers would do nothing for the confidence so it was off to carb load, AKA stuff as much rubbish down you, you will burn it off tomorrow. 

After the obligatory 4am porridge it was off to Edinburgh to attempt the anticipated hardest task of the day, park a car in the centre of Edinburgh. Arriving back at Musselburgh to hear the tunes pumping out of the speakers at 6am instantly raised the spirits although I suspect the nearby residents were not as impressed as I was. 

In between Sweet Child of Mine (by Guns n Roses for those of you too young to remember) the tannoy was announcing that the swim distance had been halved. This was being welcomed to an extent by many who were crying for their mums not for any sweet child of anyone’s. I suspect that many would have been delighted if the swim had been cancelled completely. Incredibly the sea was even worse than it was on Saturday and even the pro’s were being restricted to 950m. Finally I was starting to feel a bit more comfortable after having a few “special swims” in Campbeltown Loch I was reasonably relaxed that I could cope with the conditions. There was certainly not much confidence reverberating round the starting pen where I was as most of those competing had only experienced their local indoor pool or lake and nothing like what they were looking at this morning. On eventually reaching the starting line it was difficult wading out into the water with the force of the surf pounding in. Swimming was certainly difficult with spotting the turning buoys virtually impossible with only the briefest of glimpses as you reach the crest of the waves if you are lucky. Every open water swim I have ever seen on the TV has had kayaks posted at the turning buoys making sure swimmers turn on the correct side of the buoy, not this one! Every kayak I spotted was scattered about the course with multiple swimmers clinging on for dear life. I was taking on my fair share of sea water but either I had consumed so much I was becoming accustomed to it or The Firth of Forth isn’t as salty as Campbeltown Loch. I certainly wasn’t disappointed to exit the water after the designated distance. I heard later that sixty competitors didn’t complete the swim and had to be pulled from the water.

Surely the bike leg wouldn’t be as eventful. Thankfully I am pleased to report that this was certainly the case.  Drama free yes, flat with a tailwind, most certainly not. The pre race description of a course on “rolling” landscape conjured up a vision in my mind of a pan flat course not a route with the same amount of elevation gain as Arranman. The real bonus was that there was a nasty sting in the tail with a cheeky climb up and around Arthurs Seat just as you think that T2 is just around the corner. Despite the near constant headwind the cycle into Edinburgh was very enjoyable with tremendous support from the locals with cow bells ringing from start to finish. Bizarrely as I approached the village of Cousland there was a piper knocking out some inspiring tunes, not that bizarre I hear you say you are in Scotland. The fact that he burst into “Campbeltown Loch” as I approached was quite the co-incidence and certainly put a smile on my face for once. 

T2 wiped the smile from my face rapidly as I hunted for my transition bag that stored my trainers and almost as important my cherished CRC vest and Kintyre Way “rag”. After five minutes of frantic searching assisted by two very helpful volunteers the bag was found. Special thanks to the special person who moved and dumped my bag at the opposite end of the transition tent. The support on the run leg was again fantastic especially on meeting members of Mid Argyll Tri Club who were there in numbers along with supporters in the crowd. Three loops up and around Holyrood Park, just a run in the park to finish. Beautiful as it is with an almost immediate climb up and around the base of Arthur’s Seat I can’t say I was admiring too much of the views. After the initial climb the remained of the run route was remarkably pleasant with an interesting detour into an old railway tunnel which was a welcome cool section to lower the temperature before hitting the short but steep hill on exiting the tunnel.  Before I know it I am flying down the finishing chute mustering any final strength to put on a show for the cameras at the line and its all over. 

To sum up Ironman Edinburgh 70.3, yes it is a commercial operation but with that comes a very slick and professional operation. There were loads and loads of helpful and friendly volunteers especially at the fueling stations and at the finish line along with masses of food and a very welcome massage.  As a commercial operation this all comes at a cost along with the extra photographs which of course can be purchased for a small fee, not!! Expensive compared to other events yes, but they make sure you have an enjoyable experience from start all the way to the finish line and beyond, just a pity they haven’t mastered control of the seas yet, but no doubt they are working on it.  

Cowal Way Ultra Race Report

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By Sarah McFadzean

The Cowal Way Ultra was not in my plan due to having the Tweed Valley Ultra booked since the start of the year and training up for that,
however when I discovered the mileage suited my training plan I was quite delighted as I could do with a change of scenery, I don't know how
many times I've ran up Ballochgair and round Lussa this year but its alot!

Having loads of club members there made it feel like a usual Saturday long run. I had no stresses about the prospect of the run itself, and
once we knew the ferry was on and we were definitely going to make it to the start line I was looking forward to getting the longest of my
training runs under my belt...all 31 miles of it....

The first half was spent running with Trudy, Kerry and Elaine.  The miles seemed to pass quickly once we had conquered the first hill and we
were surprised to reach the 'half way point' at 11 miles.  (I think we all were!?).  As I was in no rush I took the time to change my top as it
was soaked through and have my snack in the hall at Glendaruel.  The girls did a few more miles with me and then I headed off on my own,
music on and hood up! Calculating my mileage and taking my gels appropriately I felt good, always saving a little for the final

Around 27 miles I met a marshal who said "a mile and a half to the tarmac".... so I presumed there was about 3 miles of road running to
finish.  Then Portavadie came through the trees, but I thought there must be a loop of some kind coming up..... I raced round the road to see
and there it was....the end!  28.55 miles. I know I could have made up the mileage to 31 myself, but my family were in the pools and it was too
tempting to just pop off there instead.

Quite happy to get a podium place but secretly feeling like a fraud for not really trying very hard.  I will be on the look out for this one
again some time for sure, and would love to see it extended to get the 31 miles in next time.

Great Scottish Run 2017 - Race Report

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By Catherine McLean

It seemed a good idea at the time!!! 

Sandy has never ran the Great Scottish Run and as the loving wife that I am I said that I wouldn’t run the GSR this year if he wasn’t with me, being that I have ran it the two previous years without him.  So Sandy decided that it was doable for us both to be there and run it this year……his great idea was to get up early, get someone else to milk the cows for us and we head up the road that morning,  run the 10km and head back down in time for the afternoon milking!  Sure honey no bother at all.  

As everyone is aware the weather has been horrendous in our so called summer/autumn so our cows have been in since the beginning of September…it’s going to be a long ass winter!  Sandy was still determined that we would manage it.  Me not so much.  However, I contacted our relief milker and a family member as we need two in the parlour now and they said they could do it. 

The alarm was set for 4:30am on Sunday 1st October.  Sandy headed round to the cow shed and I got on with feeding the calves. In the rain!  Relief milkers arrived and they started.  We were in, washed, changed and attempted to eat breakfast before hitting the road at 5:30am.  By Inveraray I had to pull in and swap with Sandy and my eyes were closing with every blink, having not slept much the night before having nightmares we weren’t going to manage to make the start line let alone the finish line.  We arrive safely in Glasgow, with me moaning the whole way there because of the rain.  “We avoid training in the rain, why the hell are we running a race in it!”  The road was closed into Shield Road Subway so the car was abandoned in a street around the corner and we took the subway to St. Enochs.  Deciding just to head straight to the start line we found ourselves the only ones there at 8:30am.  Sheltering from the rain and not seeing any other CRC members Sandy decided to start in the green wave with me. 

Usual pre-race warm-up complete, last kiss, good luck and be careful wishes said it was time to get ready.  Sandy was just hoping for a good run.  I was just hoping to complete it.  I’m still struggling with my hip and decided it would be a good idea to take my split new trainers for their first outing (yeh not so smart)!  The hooter goes and off we head.  I never seen Sandy after the bottom of St. Vincent Street.  I set off music playing with just get to the end woman in my head.  Sandy was getting irritated having to manoeuvre round folk to get head other than that it was plain sailing for him to the finish line.  I on the other hand was struggling.  By 4km my hip was starting to niggle pretty bad, I was in desperate need of water intake due to having just a grape and two slices of banana and a sip of water for breakfast.  Finally about 8km my left foot was killing me and I just wanted it over with.  Crossing the line in a very poor time of 1:12 and a fab time for Sandy of 45:26 it was over and the heavens opened.   

Would I do it again that way again……absolutely not.  We were exhausted before it let alone after.  We did however make it home at 3:45pm just in time to get in the house, change and straight back out to the milking. 

Craggy Island Triathlon 2017 - Race Report

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By Robert Semple

My Third and almost final Triathlon! What an experience! Bearing in mind I had not really swam in the sea and was used to turning round every 25 meters this was always going to be different .

The two day event sees over 500 competitors per day swim across the sound of Kerrera ,then mountain Bike a round the island on rough tracks followed by a “hill race “ over the top of the island and back to the Pier and not any of it was easy!

I hired a wet suit and boots from Pete the surfer dude at Westport , got there got set up went back to the mainland for the start , tested the boots were not going to fill with water and drown me ,,,all was good . Time ticked by as we waited and waited in our wetsuits for the guy from Durty events to come and give us the race brief .

His opening words were you will all be familiar with the smell of pee and neoprene by now so we had better get on with it . Next set back was when the Scottish Triathlon official said “ its 13.5 degrees so no boots or gloves! That was £5 wasted ! Brendan Ohara was the starter for the Saturday and away we went “Not that far” I thought and away I went . After a several minutes of being clobbered by arms and feet I plucked up the courage to see where I was and was dismayed to be less than half way! Front crawl ,back stroke and any other way of propelling myself was used to get me over . The cycle was better than I had thought but was proper mountain bike stuff and the run was proper hill running , hands and feet scramble stuff at points with no track just open hill .

My back was giving me trouble by then so I could only walk up and run the downhill and flat parts but did enough to finish 163rd out of 207, In 2 hrs 31 mins .

Great event, well organised , and challenging at times . Do it again? Hell yes

Mid Argyll Triathlon 2017 Race Report

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By Robert Semple

For me this was a late entry and only got a place a few days before the event . This was only my second solo Triathlon but was a great day out with 160 competitors entered and only 4 no shows sadly 3 of these were CRCs team X .

The event all went well apart from my helmet strap coming apart and costing time in T1 but a solid 71st place in 1 hr 32 was good enough for me . Club member Dominic Sharkey again stamped his authority on the event by taking the win . Well done to Dom as this was a super competitive race with 50 members of Glasgow Tri club entered .

Isle of Coll 10K 2017 - Race Report

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By Robert Semple

Following on from MOK TRI the next excursion was the Isle of Coll for the 10 k and Half Marathon . An early start was required to catch the 06.15 ferry from Oban and many familiar faces were seen on the boat including Glasgow based Spaniard Miguel who had finished in the top 5 of the MOK RUN . ( can’t get into results to check exactly where)

A strong wind greeted the competitors as we arrived at the race registration in Arinagour where most of the competitors were camping the scene was like Everest base camp with multi coloured tents blowing about everywhere.

My race was the 10 k which is not my normal distance however on Coll it was far enough! The 10k starts just before the beach on the south west of the island , as we were waiting I heard one of the other competitors look at the sandy track and say “ I wish I had brought trail shoes my friend said the race was all on roads” my reply was “ this is Coll these are the roads “!

The start was highly technical with a mobile phone and Bluetooth speaker blasting out accordion music for the warm up and a count down to the start time ,- again with the phone, well there is not much in the way of facilities in the sand dunes!

Away we went , I pushed fairly hard till the first water/ whisky stop and after a quick dram on the move my pace slackened allowing a couple of runners past however I had a good battle with another three all the way to the line and coming out on top of them finally finishing 14 th out of 83 in a time of 52 mins

Margaret Sinclair completed the half marathon in 2hrs 2 mins and was first super vet , our Spanish friend was 4thIn the race but won the Tri Island series made up of Tiree, mull and Coll Half and 10 k races .

A great ceildh went on into the night and by lunchtime on Sunday it was time to get the ferry home . Great event with 350 competitors including the kids race and I think the Tri Island challenge could be on the Callander for 2018.

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