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Harris Half Marathon 2017 - Race Report

posted 21 Jul 2017, 05:55 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub   [ updated 21 Jul 2017, 06:10 ]

By Stuart McGeachy

The Outer Hebrides….where better for Elaine and I to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary J


I’ll admit Barbados, Bahamas and Kilchousland are perceived as ‘sexier’ destinations, however a wee adventure aroon’ thon islands was just the ticket!  Clearly a race was factored into the  equation and so we signed up for the Harris Half Marathon on Saturday 8th July.


We boarded the Ferry from Uig, Skye on the morning of the race with the intention of eating a healthy breakfast on the trip across.  Porridge, scrambled eggs wholemeal toast....ah that kind of boring keech that runners eat before a race.  As usual, Elaine followed the healthy option, but as I approached the canteen area I could hear 'Fat Stuart' (mind him from aboot 8 years ago) bending my lug!  And here’s how it went:  


"Would you like the cooked breakfast Sir?  Choose from 6 pieces"

"No thanks, I’ve a race in 3 hou…….ah F*** it!   Square, two links, egg, black pudding and tattie scone big man”

"Good choice sir.  White or Brown Toast"

“Brown. I told you, I have a race!!”


Not going to lie, it was hoorah good...never again though!  


Anyway, eventually arrived in Harris and waddled straight to the school to register.  Weather was horrendous with strong windows and heavy rain.  Felt like home J 


We picked up the numbers and soon it was ready to take the bus journey to take us to the start.  The start was near Luskentyre beach, which is spectacular.  Unfortunately we couldn’t fully appreciate it as much with the weather, but still impressive in the rain.  We had a quick pee stop near the start where 3 buses just emptied out with nervous runners, into the pouring …men and women with no shame….hoot a sight!  Anyway, enough of that!


Start of the race and I decided to go with the leaders.  Decent pace but manageable.  I held the front two for 2 miles and backed off as I knew we had a big climb from 6-10 miles section, before we hit a downhill into Tarbert in Harris (not oor Tarbert!).  I regret holding off as I was in no man’s land and always harder on your own.


The ascent started in mile 6 and comfortably holding onto 3rd place, although I could see\feel a couple of runners on the chase.  I’m solid on the hills, but these guys had yon look aboot them!  I eased off a bit and let them catch up to conserve energy.  We had a good rhythm going and helping each up other up the hill.  The pace was fast, and if on my own I’d probably have given up, but as a group it was manageable…no idea how that works but it does. 


We approached the top of the hill at 9.5 miles and the front two are probably a 60-90 secs ahead.  No chance of catching up, especially with a 3 mile descent. At this stage I’m feeling strong and reckon I’ve got these two, as I sense I could take them on a flat.  Unfortunately it’s not a flat, and they hit the descent at a hoorah lick!  You’d have thought the finish line was in sight….the three of us are oot of control! It wasn’t a manageable pace for any of us…but still we batter on!


Heart, lungs and legs are up for this, but I start to tighten up at my shoulders and in my back.  It starts to impede my breathing and have to pull back, then a gap appears.  The tightness gets worse and I basically can’t breathe.  Back was in agony so stopped and lay down, which helped as felt I was cracking it back in.  Almost instant relief!


Unfortunately another runner overtakes, so scramble to my feet and start off again, but momentum is lost and still struggling with my breathing on the downhill.  Game over!  The last couple of miles are a struggle with my back.  I start to feel ok at mile 12, but too late so just try and hold my position.


So hoot hepenned?  Did I hit the hill too hard?  Or was the pace too fast on the doon hill?  Or did I just get a bloody stitch because of the full Scottish!!!!  Probably a combination of all three! 


Not going to lie, disappointed not to keep with the other two guys competing for third.  I might have still finished behind them, but confident I could have given them a race if I didn’t get that issue.  Anyway, positives to take are a decent 10 mile effort and time of 1:19 given the conditions and breathing issue.  Wind was 70% in our favour, especially at the start, so it wasn’t the worst.  Rain was tough though and completely saturated at the end.


As for Elaine, she treated the race like a slow training run (still managed it in 1:57!).  Elaine is still struggling with her tendonitis, but is able to run as long as not pushing too hard.  Really gutted for her at the moment, but I’m sure it will come good soon, as this has gone on for over 18 months.  I do feel guilty as I know it’s frustrating to have to take it easy when she knows she could knock at least 15 mins off the time fit. 


Anyway, if you’ve reached this far and not asleep then to sum up…thoroughly recommend the race and Outer Hebrides in general for a holiday.  I think we’re heading to Barra half next year (if we can get in) so looking forward to the journey back already!


Langdale Fell Race Report

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By Sarah McFadzean

When recently spending some time down in Cumbria Cara and myself managed 
to have a go at our first fell Race experience at the Langdale Gala.
The Race is described by Ambleside Athletics Club who organise it as:

_'A very short, very steep scramble up the western slopes of Silver How as far as Spedding Crag, along the ridge and right back down again.
1.9km with 178 metres of ascent.'

It was 'only' 2K I though it can't be that bad so I'll have a go (The Juniors did 1K).  As we gathered at the start I quickly realised I was
the only one who was doing this for fun!  There were about 30 men and 5 females, and it was very likely I was the only one who had not done this

When we started it was straight onto the hill, I put my head down and just kept on climbing, I was using my hands at some points it was so
steep and impossible not to move upwards with out pulling yourself up. My legs were like jelly when I reached the top.  Coming down was easier
but equally as slow as going up due to the steepness and loose surface.

I'm glad I did it and would probably have a go at another fell race now I know what to expect!  Cara had a similar experience to myself both of
us coming last in our races! Cara however did win the flat race and the sack race and we did quite well in the egg throwing competition as well so a good time was had!

Two days later my legs were as stiff as they've been after a marathon!

SKSC Race Series 2017 - Race 3 Ballochgair Results

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The third race of the 2017 SKSC 5k Race Series took place on Tuesday 4th July at Ballochgair with 31 runners competing in the undulating trail course.    Conditions were ideal...for the midges!  Enough said about them the better!

CRC would like to thanks everyone who attended this evening.  Special thanks to our time keepers, marshals and bakers who provided post race treats!  Very much appreciated and without their help this event couldn't take place.

As per usual, the race positions will be kept secret and will be announced at the SKSC Race Series prize giving.  

Below is a list of the real times for each runner for this evenings race:

Race NoNameReal Time
40Stuart McGeachy16:58
11Dom Sharkey19:06
5Darren Renton20:06
77Alasdair O'May20:28
64Thomas Cameron20:28
18Stewart Ireland20:32
60Johnny Girvan20:50
20Sandy Mclean20:53
9Jennifer Reid20:54
112James Murdoch21:19
63Hazel Barr21:24
26Sam Ferguson21:34
162Euan Charlwood21:48
134Andrew Renton22:02
4John Galbraith22:51
14Neil John MacPhail22:56
140Elaine Cameron22:56
25Jocelyn Richard23:50
52Susan Turner23:53
48William McLean24:22
35Lorraine McDonald24:45
39David Leishman25:21
116Eilidh Girvan25:42
117Campbell Read26:06
57Rachel McGeachy26:13
90Maryann Wylie28:29
42Margaret Sinclair29:01
67Annette McMillan32:43
17Nancy Hope32:44
22Val Hope33:38
2Gerri McAnerny41:28

Great Women’s Glasgow 10k

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By Katie Ferguson

After my disastrous attempt at MOKrun this year, I decided I would look for another reasonably flat 10k to chase that PB I had been looking for at MOK. The Great Women’s 10k in Glasgow was taking place exactly one week after MOK, I thought this wouldn’t do be any harm to try.

In the week running up to the 10k in Glasgow, I was however spending my time being support team for Doogs who was attempting the West Highland Way on his mountain bike (for the 2nd time) so the training I was doing wasn’t exactly what I would normally do in the week prior to a 10k race and also the amount I was eating was off the Richter scale...but I was on my holidays

Race day nerves were at their worst, will I/won’t I do it? Doogs on the verge of having me sectioned, ordered me out the car on Great Western Road and told me to get on with it!

I sheepishly made my way to Kelvingrove park where the race started and finished. It was a lovely bright morning and probably perfect race conditions.

It didn’t take long for my nerves to disappear when I reached the park, my only panic was, I couldn’t find to loos!! I did however find where my start was and settled into just a wee bit back from the 45 mins pacer. What I was not prepared for though was the emotional minute’s silence before the race started in light of the previous evening’s events in London. This certainly put my worries about the race into perspective!

The first 5k of the race was very fast, all under 7 min miles, which for me is way too fast for a 10k but it felt comfortable at that point so thought I’d go with it. I had been led to believe there were hills on the course so was a bit wary of crashing and burning before I had reached them but was very pleasantly surprised to find out they were just wee inclines, nothing like we’ve got here. The second half of the race consisted of a bit of doubling back on yourself so this seemed to slow my pace plus the weather had become extremely hot so I struggled on the final two miles.

The 10k took runners out through the city where we passed iconic buildings such as Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Glasgow University, the Riverside Museum and the SSE Hydro, crossing the River Clyde via Bell’s Bridge then back over the Clyde Arc as we headed towards the 8k marker.

Before finishing in the scenic surroundings of Kelvingrove Park, we were spurred on by the crowds of spectators, music both at the start and on course and eight official bands on the run.

I remember looking at my watch at 6 miles and it had just turned 43 mins and for one split second I thought, maybe I could get sub 44 but had absolutely nothing left in the tank so my finishing time was 44.21 which is 30 secs off my PB from 8 years ago!

SKSC 2017 Race Series Race 3 - Ballochgair

posted 27 Jun 2017, 05:46 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub   [ updated 27 Jun 2017, 05:47 ]

The third race for the SKSC 2017 Race Series will be at Ballochgair. The route starts approx 0.7 mile up from the car park for Ballochgair, so there will be a small walk\jog to the start line.  There is an area for parking close to the start line but terrain isn't ideal so we advise leaving cars at the bottom of the hill.  Also, please share cars where possible as limited car park spaces.

Race 2

Date: Tuesday 4th July 2017
Venue: Ballochgair

Time: 1900hrs.  Please arrive early to help time keepers identify all runners.  Also, please report into Marjorie as soon as you arrive so we can't mark you as present!  Thanks
Distance: 5K
Cost: Free 

Please note the race is handicapped (40 min limit).

Please note, the SKSC race series is a free, informal run and isn't officially affiliated with Scottish Athletics.  All runners are required to sign a disclaimer on the night of the race and run at their own risk.  Parents will need to do this for under 16's and need to be present at the race.

Please check in with Marjorie Leighton as soon as you arrive to advise you are present before the start of the race.

If you are aware of any runners who aren't in the CRC Faceboook group and wish to participate then please e-mail to advise an interest in participating. Also, if this is you first time competing then please provide  Stuart McGeachy a recent 5k\10k time no later than Sunday 2nd July to ascertain a handicap. For any runners running for the first time, and don't have a recent 5k or 10K time for us to verify and provide a handicap, then the runner will start off at scratch to get your handicap time for future races, and no position will be given in this race.

Safety Action Plan for the race can be found here.

Brian Goodwin 10K

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The Brian Goodwin 10K, which is organised by Bellahouston Harriers, took place on Friday 16th June at Pollock Park at 7:30pm.  Conditions were decent for good time...not much wind, no rain although it was a tad muggy in sections which made it difficult to breath.  As per usual there was a decent turnout from running club members for this popular even, possibly inspired by post race burger and beer on offer!

There was a tough line up with runners such as Callum Hawkins and Luke Traynor competing at the top end.  Both runners finishing with incredible times of 29:12 and 29:25 respectively.

Below are the timings and positions from CRC:

Position Name  Time
19 Stuart McGeachy 34:34
131 Kenny McLeod 40:57
139 Ewan Smith 41:50
190 Sandy McLean 44:11
247 James McEachran 46:54
446 Catherine McLean 01:08:02
Well done to everyone who made it up.  It's a great race and would recommend it to anybody who has never entered before.

3 x 10Km races in 19 days…Shh Don’t Tell The Physio!!

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By Catherine McLean


You may ask why on earth would we put ourselves through this the answer is easy… get a night away and nae coos to milk!!  Our three races started with the good old MoK Run on Sunday 28th May followed by Kilmarnock “Roon the Toon” on Sunday 11th June and finally Brian Goodwin on Friday 16th June. 


The MoK Run was our first 10km race.  I was still suffering from very painful hips but was determined to do it regardless.  God bless painkillers and Nurofen Gel!  Sandy was determined for a PB and didn’t fail to provide.  Starting off his usual too fast but then got into his rhythm and cruised round the course.  He was so focused on his run that he never even seen the massive red hose belonging to the Fire Brigade!  Picking up his pace for the last kilometre crossing the line in 43:45 nearly 2 minutes faster than last year.  I on the other hand had negotiated with my Physio that I would not race but take part and for once in my life I did as I was told.  I set off in the fabulous company of Jamie Gee and Russell for the first couple of miles then got separated.  I continued at a happy pace catching up with Mary Marrison at Kilkerran Road we continued the race together having a good old chin wag on the way round crossing the finish line together at 1:10:51. Massively slower than last year but enjoyed every minute. 



The start of a busy weekend for us.  Heading to Prestwick to stay with William as the Kintyre Amateur Swimming Club had got through to the finals in the Mini League of the very first time so watching the club swim amazingly in Ayr on the Saturday.  After seeing William off on the mini bus back to Campbeltown, we were off to Kilmarnock to rest up for the Roon the Toon 10km on the Sunday. 


Race day seen the weather spitting before the race.  Opting for the Zumba warm up instead of a run had me in stitches watch Sandy trying to Zumba! (highlight of my day).  After a quick chat with ex-Toonie Sandy’s old neighbour Neil Smith it was time to head to our allocated starting pens.  With around 1300 folk running it was a tight squeeze.  The rain had stopped and it was starting to get a little mochie.  Sandy set off struggling to get through the masses.  I was in the 60-70 min pen happily.  I had just been diagnosed with Gluteal Tendinopathy and was told to be on a 3 week running ban.  (yep I listened).  The course seen us running through the town and heading out into the countryside.  Once again we were told this was a flat course… no it wasn’t.  The cracking hill passed the abattoirs.  Sandy was running well and heading for another sub 45 min run.  I had met Gemma running her very first 10k so I ran with her, walked with her and encouraged her to pick it up again.  The last 2k was heading back to the start with a strong headwind to compete against.  The final 300m had you running on the track to the finish line.  Sandy crossed the line in an impressive 44:30 even beating the former Scottish 400m Champion Brian Whittle and myself in 1:10:55, sore but happy. 




Our final race was Brian Goodwin 10k one we enjoyed very much last year.  After seeing the Physio again earlier in the week I said I wasn’t going to be running as I was to get a cortisone injection but with driving we put it off until the Monday so you guessed it I was running.  After catching up with fellow CRC runners Stuart McGeachy, Ewan Smith and James McEachran.  Warm up over, race briefing done 458 runners headed to the start, with none other than Calum Hawkins at the front.  It was another close night but I was just thinking, finish this and its rest time, especially with my new bike in the boot of the car!!  Sandy and the rest set off like blazing glory while I happily set off behind.  After the first km I met Diane and we kept each other company on our first loop round.  Taking a wee look at my watch I told Diane Callum would be passing us shortly and sure as fate about 1 min later he came thundering past.  We just thought if there is a picture taken then we would claim we were fighting him for first place!!  Sandy was focused on another cracking run and was even chatting to a fellow ex-toonie Gordon Sandler which he always gives me an earful about.  At about 6km Diane was starting to struggle and told me just to go, so I picked up my pace and carried on round.  Passing marshal after marshal with the same statement “youre still smiling” and I was I was really enjoying my run until 8km my hips were really starting to hurt the painkillers were wearing off and I was getting dizzy with just 2km to go I was not giving in. Turning the corner and seeing The Smith Clan and Sandy waiting for me was just heaven.  Sandy finished in the amazing time of 44:11 and myself at 1:08:02.  It was official our 10kms races were complete.  Just Carradale 5km next week and that’s is it for the next while for me.  Well done to all the CRC Crew.  Looking forward to getting back to racing properly next time. 





Tiree Half Marathon - Race Report

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By Margaret Sinclair

To get to the Tiree Half Marathon I had to stay overnight in Oban for 
the early 4 and a half hour sail on Saturday morning to Gott Bay, Tiree.  The run started at 2.00pm so there was enough time to register and check in to my hotel.  Both the 10k and the half started on the very
firm sand of beautiful Soroby Bay beach.   

We ran with the 10ks to Hynish Pier round the cone and back along the way we'd come.   Then the halfers took a left turn to run across the island  on a circular route back to the beach.   All the time running with a strong side wind blowing till mile 7  then it was on my back for a mile   The only hill was a farm track about the 9th mile with the wind on my face again.

This would have been such a great run if only for the wind/gale blowing.  From mile 10 its completely flat,  I can see the other runners snaking
away in the distance for the last 3 miles until we reach the beach for the final sprint.    By this time its much colder so quickly back to the
hall to put on the layers again where there's lots of food and baking for sale in aid of the playpark.   There was a great ceilidh and prize
giving in the evening.   Met a woman who had won her age category at MOK and Puffer.   Another woman i'd met in Barra last year and a dentist who knew Gail.   

Time here was 2.02 1st in age category.

Inveraray Jail Break - Race Report

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By Margaret Sinclair

Inveraray Jail Break is a 7k run from the Jail up to the top of  Dun na cuaiche then back down to finish at the castle, it was held on  held on
14th May.   I've done this one a few times now so know what to expect and had a plan this year. Easy to begin to save myself for the climb.

We set off from outside the jail down the Main Street, enter the castle grounds, past the castle over a bridge to a woodland drive all very
beautiful, bluebells in full bloom.   Then the climb begins twisting and turning steeper and steeper for about a mile i,m walking now and so are
all the others with me.   

The path narrows near the top when we meet the first runners charging back down.   The top at last where West Coast
Photos lies waiting to take a photo as you circle the folly.    Downhill now a 250m descent most of the way to the castle.   I almost lost my
nerve on the steeper bits as there was loose stones in parts and just seemed so long to reach the flat woodland drive and the bridge.   My
time here was 45.02, over a minute faster than last year.

SKSC Race Series - Race 2 MACC Base

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The second race of the 2017 SKSC 5k Race Series took place on Tuesday 6th June at MACC Base with 44 runners competing in this flat, fast course.    Conditions were brutal with tough winds for parts of the exposed course to the elements.... however not all bad as no rain or midges!  

CRC would like to thanks everyone who attended this evening.  Special thanks to our time keepers, marshals and bakers who provided post race treats!  Very much appreciated and without their help this event couldn't take place.

Big thanks also MACC Base for allowing us to using the facility.  Also, thanks to Alisdair O'May for planning\marking the route and organising with MACC Base.

As per usual, the race positions will be kept secret and will be announced at the SKSC Race Series prize giving.  

Below is a list of the real times for each runner for this evenings race:

Race NoNameReal Time
40Stuart McGeachy18:00
44Drew Dutton18:07
11Dom Sharkey18:19
150Alex Soudan19:43
10Jennifer Martin20:09
64Thomas Cameron20:12
77Alasdair O'May20:25
5Darren Renton20:25
148Stephen Blackstock20:26
26Sam Ferguson21:10
63Hazel Barr21:11
60Johnny Girvan21:44
167Gary Anderson22:16
15Archie Johnstone22:26
140Elaine Cameron22:29
4John Galbraith23:01
38Ryan Shields23:12
146Malcolm McMillan23:34
14Neil John MacPhail23:36
134Andrew Renton23:39
94Sarah McFadzean24:04
6Ruairidh Campbell24:14
52Susan Turner24:40
82Kathryn Howell24:52
75Eilidh McAllister25:03
117Campbell Read25:25
85Caryn Kerr25:27
42Margaret Sinclair25:47
57Rachel McGeachy25:49
130Robert Semple25:56
116Eilidh Girvan26:24
86Kirsty Robertson26:33
34Frances Valentine26:58
90Maryann Wylie27:13
58Kelly Coats28:49
83Ruth Turner30:20
22Val Hope31:04
67Annette McMillan31:07
81Dougie Wylie31:35
31Sarah Campbell31:54
17Nancy Hope32:09
36Alison Millar34:44
43Annabel Semple35:06
2Gerri McAnerny42:30

1-10 of 211