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Ultra Tour of Edinburgh 2018

posted 26 Nov 2018, 12:55 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub

By Ralphy Hill

In the capital dawn breaks in the autumn air and the Ultra Tour begins with a brave heart charge down the most
famous street in Scotland, The Royal Mile. The course the takes you through 57 km of streets, alleyways, onto
hills, up crags, past monuments, museums, seats of royalty, government buildings and up and down 3000ft of
assent and descent. 

Through the Innocent Railway, Craigmillar Castle and the Union Canal, the ultra was one of
the most enjoyable I have ran from the surfaces of the Pentland Hills to the docks of Leith. The Ultra Tour of
Edinburgh is a unique full way marked and marshaled run.

Time 6.03 hrs, 59.6 on garmin.

Jimmy Irvine Bella 10K 2018

posted 15 Nov 2018, 15:37 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub   [ updated 16 Nov 2018, 06:11 ]

By Stuart McGeachy

Over the past few years the Jimmy Irvine Bella 10K is one of the popular 10K races CRC members sign up for and this year was no exception with seven members running.  The weather conditions turned sour an hour before the start with heavy rain pouring down on the competitors...never good being soaked before the start of a race!  The start line was jam packed with nearly 600 runners huddled up the near the memorial in Bellahouston Park,  but still enough space to get a decent start.

The gun went off and I tucked in behind the lead pack before gingerly trotting down a sharp descent, which was even more dangerous with large sections of wet leaves from the surrounding trees.  By the bottom of the hill I could see a familiar face, Drew Dutton, blasting past me and getting stuck into the lead group...hoorah man!  At this stage the big fella didn't appear to be showing any ill effects of his 4000m short XC race the day before!

By the end of the first mile I've managed to catch up with Drew and we're working well to keep with the guy in 4th position.  I reckon we're approx 10-15m off the lead guy, so well in contention.  We hit a part of the course that has a section of head wind, which appeared to be affecting the runners in front but I was still feeling strong and gain a few metres on the leaders.  By mile 2 I can sense Drew is beginning to fall back, but no real surprise given the race he had the day before.  Drew is an absolute machine, and one of the toughest trainers I've came across, but the efforts from XC have taken the edge off him as I know with fresh legs he would have been comfortable at that pace.  Still, we both manage to take over take the guy currently in third to put us in third and fourth position respectively.  

Miles 3 and 4 were consistent but only made a marginal gain on the leaders.  However, by mile 5 I can sense the top two are tiring and I soon take second place running on the section of street which runs parallel to the park.  Just over a mile to go and I'm feeling really strong.  We soon turn the corner back into Bellahouston park and approaching a small hill which takes to a sharp turn before heading up the steep hill....and I can sense the leader is struggling!  I increase my pace slightly and test him on the first hill, and it's clear to see the gap is closed significantly to only a few metres.  We make the sharp turn and start the ascent on the steep hill up to the memorial and I managed to catch him before the top...however we're approaching the sharp downhill with wet leaves we faced at the start....jeest don't fa' on yer arse at this stage!

I carefully dodged round them as best I could though I could sense the guy I took over from second place earlier had also taken the initial leader and was clearly throwing in a strong finish.  We got to the bottom of the hill and there was approx 600m to the finish.  I lost a bit of time on the downhill due to be overly careful, but I was confident I'd have enough on the flat.  We're now merging with the runners doing their second lap and the road isn't as clear so having to dodge a few who have headphones on!  A bit frustrating as they were totally oblivious to the lead bike advising them to move over!  I had to stop for a group who basically ran to the same direction as me as I tried to avoid them, so this added a bit of stress as lost my rhythm...nearly there though!

400m to go and the organiser send the leaders off on the a different path for the finish, so nice and clear with a good straight.  I took a quick glance back as I approach the finish but thankfully have a good enough lead on second place runner.  I cross the line in a PB time of 33:22!

What a surreal feeling to get first place on such a popular race!  My first win in a race in the central belt, so absolutely ecstatic, and the PB was the cherry on the cake!  Drew crosses the line in 34:43 to finish fourth overall, which is quite unbelievable!  I'm certain if he had fresh legs he would have been up pushing the leaders with me for a podium finish.  Really great to see two CRC runners finish in the top four of this race, and hopefully we'll get similar success with some other runners in the years to come.

Big James 'creamy' Murdoch finished in a solid time of 42:29.  The big man is heading in the right direction again for getting into the sub 40 times and no doubt if he sticks at it will be back close to his PB days of 36mins.    Let's hope he can keep injury free for a while to achieve that.

Next in from CRC was Susan Turner, who had just returned from illness that week to finish in 46:41.  This is a great time, however I'm certain if Susan never took ill that week then there would have been a significant chunk of time taken off that.  Susan's son Gary was meant to run with her, but he just buggered aff at the start and finished up with a 39 min 10K!  Whit a boy...cannae believe he left his mammy!  I spoke to Matthew at the end, who was spectating in the miserable weather, and he was just shakin' his heed at him :-)

Elaine McGeachy finished in soon after in 47:47.  This was a really frustrating time for Elaine as I know how much effort she has put in lately, but unfortunately it didn't happen on the day.  It's still a good time, but I know Elaine is in shape for at least a 45 min time.  Sometimes you can't put your finger on it, but I've no doubt she'll sort it for the next one.  

It was good to see Rachael Pirie running again finishing in 55:00.  I spoke to Rachael the day before and she advised she is just back at the running since the MOK, so didn't expect to get the time she got in May, which was an excellent 51:12 (massive PB!). However, to not have ran consistently since May, and still only be a couple of mins off your PB in a tougher route is excellent. 

Finally a wee mention for Jennifer Martin.  Unfortunately Jennifer pulled out after a few Km as not feeling 100% after a tough 4000m XC race the day before.  Definitely the right decision if your struggling, and in those conditions even worse!  It's been a great year for Jen so she had nothing to prove for this race as achieved a great 10K PB last month at the GSR.  Plenty more to come from Jen for the XC season leading into 2019.

The weather conditions dampened (literally!) the occasion a bit, and I think i may have been the only person who enjoyed that race!  Let's hope the sun comes out for next year :-)

Full results can be found here.

West Districts XC Relay 2018

posted 23 Oct 2018, 05:44 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub   [ updated 23 Oct 2018, 05:45 ]

CRC made their maiden voyage in the West Districts XC Relay this year with Drew Dutton, Stuart McGeachy, James Murdoch and Ruaridh MacGregor representing as the clubs sole 4x4000m relay team.  The event was held at Irvine Beach park, though it certainly wasn't beach weather with some heavy rain falling through the afternoon.  To be fair, underfoot conditions were ideal as wasn't too muddy for the undulating course, and it's fair to say the guys enjoyed the run and atmosphere despite the weather.

Well done to the team for finishing a respectable 32nd out of 83 teams with times below:

Leg    Position    Time          Runner  
1       21             14:31      Drew Dutton 
2       15             14:15      Stuart McGeachy 
3       32             17:09      James Murdoch 
4       32             16:12      Ruaridh MacGregor

Click here for full results. 

Great Scottish Run 2018

posted 3 Oct 2018, 05:25 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub   [ updated 9 Dec 2018, 10:05 ]

The Great Scottish Run (GSR) took place on Sunday 30th September with a good representation from CRC and some fantastic results! A blustery, cold day for GSR this year but generally good running conditions. Tremendous CRC performances – well done everyone. If anyone has any race reports or photos please send them to

Name BIB Position Finish Time
DREW DUTTON 12596 33 00:34:40
DOMINIC SHARKEY 12528 67 00:36:13
JENNIFER MARTIN 12535 121 00:38:34
STEWART IRELAND 12906 286 00:42:33
SUSAN TURNER 13112 578 00:45:35
LORRAINE MACDONALD 13533 1472 00:51:08
RACHEL MCGEACHY 13745 3192 00:58:23
ANNETTE MCMILLAN 17423 4946 01:06:01
Half Marathon
Name BIB Position Finish Time
STUART MCGEACHY 232 66 01:14:48
 GARRY MUIR  91 01:17:09
ALEX SOUDEN 2003 461 01:29:26
IAIN MCGOUGAN 2822 597 01:31:47
ELAINE MCGEACHY 971 1985 01:44:24
MALCOLM MCMILLAN 2519 01:48:06
JAMES MCEACHRAN 3124 01:51:53
KERRY O'MAY 1556 3805 01:55:46
GAIL WILLIAMS 4536 01:59:32

Berlin Marathon 2018 - Race Report

posted 29 Sep 2018, 04:53 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub

Stuart McGeachy completed the Berlin marathon on Sunday 16th September in a time of 2 hours 46mins and 27 secs (Position 538th, 129th in age category.)

Full race report can be found in Stuart's blog below:

Aberfeldy Middle Distance Triathlon 2018 – Scottish Middle distance Championships

posted 18 Sep 2018, 15:09 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub   [ updated 18 Sep 2018, 15:09 ]

By Dom Sharkey

19th August 2018

With my main target of Edinburgh 70.3 this year being a disappointment due to illness I was keen to still use the Half Ironman endurance training I had been doing all year, so looked to Aberfeldy as my next ‘A’ race. A few niggles in the build up again, and an existential -crisis-type breakdown of my swimming technique in the weeks prior to the race meant that preparation wasn’t perfect, but in the final 2 weeks things started to click again, and I was generally more relaxed on the whole with this race than Edinburgh.

Race day came with heavy rain, single figure temperatures and pretty poor visibility. So several questions which I didn’t worry about at Edinburgh such as “How many layers do I need to wear?” and “Is my helmet visor transparent enough?” were concerns.

Setting up transition on race morning involved a lot more careful wrapping of items in several layers of plastic bag than average, and we were all soaked through before even stepping foot in the loch. The swim course was one triangular lap, meaning the buoys seemed quite far away from the start line – being such a grey day meant that it was pretty difficult to see the buoys even just standing at the shore side, never mind when trying to frantically sight in between strokes and through all the splashing and failing arms ahead of me. So I started off quite conservatively in the swim and just followed the pack. Approaching the first buoy I could see the pack going quite wide to the right around it, so I kept in the straight tight line on the left of the course and seemed to merge with a lot of swimmers who had been ahead of me but swum wide. Finding myself in this faster moving pack I was able to get a good draft for much of the rest of the swim, and was feeling really comfortable. From about halfway I thought I could push on and get ahead of this pack now, but decided it would probably take more energy than it was worth to try to get around and in front of the pack, for marginal time gain, so I contented myself to sit on the feet and enjoy a bit more energy saving in the draft zone. Out of the water in just about bang on 35 minutes for 2km, and feeling quite fresh, was a decent result.

Things didn’t get much drier on the bike – I managed to get a cycling top over my tri-suit, but couldn’t get my arm warmers on as they and I were soaking, so just bit the bullet and went with the short sleeves hoping I wouldn’t come to regret that decision. The first few kilometres were very cold, and I was struggling with water sticking to my visor making vision quite difficult. I was very close to chucking the visor at this point, but eventually managed to squeeze a finger in front my face to give it a wipe. 

Quite soon the big climb of Schiehallion approached which required a bit of careful pacing in order to not blow up within 20km. I managed to move up through the field passing quite a few riders on the climb, but lost a few places on the descent as I was still quite keen to make it to work the next day, taking things quite carefully on some tricky corners. After the climb and descent it was a lap around Loch Rannoch on perfectly flat, smooth tarmac with no traffic. I loved this section of the bike course as it just flowed so nicely and was really quick. I merged with 3 other riders at this point and we wordlessly organised a working train (adhering to the 10m drafting rules of course). The roads were so smooth and the speed quite high that I actually felt the significant draft even 10m behind the rider in front for the first time ever, so we all benefitted a good bit from taking turns in this manner. 

The coalition was broken however, once we reached the climb back out of the valley back over Schiehallion the way we had descended in. One guy shot on ahead, and the other two drifted away behind me so I climbed and descended back into the town on my own. By this time the rain had stopped and things were warming up a little, so was looking quite pleasant for the run. I reached T2 after 2 hours 41 minutes on the bike which I was really pleased with considering the climbing involved, and the conditions – my only mistake I feel on the bike was forgetting to drink and take on as many gels as I had planned to, which might have had something to do with the run performance that was to follow.

The run was 3 laps of a sort of T-shaped course within the grounds of Taymouth Castle – this meant quite a few dead turns on the out-and-back arms of the T, but it did wind its way through some quite nice looking scenery so was not completely unpleasant.

Started the run very well – probably too well in hindsight – at about 4:10/km, and completed the first of the 3 laps in about 30 minutes, on for a sub 1:30 half marathon time which I would have been ecstatic with. Unfortunately I began to fade a little in the second half, and my pace dropped off to about 5:00/km for the final lap. Looking back I think the lack of fuelling on the bike might have contributed somewhat to this, and I lost a number of places throughout the run. Reaching the finishing chute on my final lap I spotted the clock above the gantry saying the time 11:59:45 – taking longer than it should have(my physical and mental state being what it was by this point) I calculated that from a 7am start that would mean if I got under before midday then I’d break the 5 hour mark which had been a rough target for me to begin with – and surely these things never start on time so I’d have a bit of extra lee way too?? Sprinting to cross the line exactly as it turned to 12:00:00 I thought I must be there, but on seeing my overall time I was 53 seconds short…

But a 1:39 half marathon at the end of a tough day on only my second Middle distance Triathlon was still quite satisfying, and about 20 minutes faster than my Edinburgh run time which is a significant step in the right direction!

Finished 14th Senior Male, 24th Overall.

Swim 35:09 Bike 2:41:57 Run 1:39:12 Finish 5:00:53

Barrathon Half Marathon 2018

posted 9 Jul 2018, 13:46 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub

By Margaret Sinclair

Saturday 30th June the 19th Barrathon started in Castlebay running 
clockwise round the island.   Race briefing this year included medical guidelines on what to do if you felt unwell and how to keep yourself well due to the extreme heat.   Extra water stations were provided along the route with one every mile towards the end.

This is the third time I've done this one, my plan was to run at an easy breathing pace as i'm always concerned about pushing myself too much especially when it was so hot.   There was a slight wind so a bit like running against a hair drier.   There's hills all the way round on this route, (I know they go down as well) with one particularly awful one in the 9th mile, which most of us walked up.   The miles did pass quite quickly with lots of support along the way.  

My time was 2.15 which I was happy with, to finish and feel good was enough.   Fraser Stewart was the first male with 1.13.   Probably known by you fast runners in the club.   Spanish Miguel who's well known was 2nd male.    Not sure of his time.

Carradale Canter 2018

posted 4 Jul 2018, 13:15 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub   [ updated 4 Jul 2018, 13:16 ]

By Elaine McGeachy

This is a fantastic wee local event - a tough route (totally) but very rewarding.  Yes, it’s quite informal and it’s not slick like big races but that’s part of it’s charm!  It’s Carradale after all :-) With a cheap entry of only £15 it was very good value for money getting a tshirt, medal and a help yourself goody bag - including shower gel and hand gel :-)  This year they focused on being more eco-friendly which I thought was very admirable and more races should take note - recyclable/once used drinking cups and recyclable materials and pack your own goody bags (recyclable of course!)

With only a short journey to make the start line at Carradale Harbour I’d urge you all to go, it’s a cracking wee day out.  OK, so you might not get a PB - a few hills and the beach section makes sure of that but it’s a good hard session and the scenery is pretty hard to beat.  I’d even go as far to say as it was really enjoyable! They even gave out sticky buns at the finish line - yum. There is a BBQ to buy burgers too - this might even be free next year (watch this space).

It was blazing sunshine this year and Carradale looked glorious.  The start kicks off by going uphill but there were plenty of spectators to cheer on the crowds and it stopped you from going out far too fast.  This year once down on the beach I decided to go the wrong way into the heather and bracken…. Oops but I soon made my way back on course and although I lost 3rd place by then I was happy with 4th (and 3rd senior despite a wee mix up at prizegiving!)  There are a lot of trails on the course which I love and the hill after the network centre didn’t seem as bad as I remembered but the water stop at the top was much appreciated!! Jocelyn by this point was on my tail so I tried to pick it up for the last half, most of which is downhill which is great fun.  The 5k which started slightly after the 10k, was still in process with a few fun runners and walkers at the back but the faster ones who had finished (including Eilidh Girvan who won and her Mum Isobel who got 1st vet) were cheering me on to a faster finish then I planned. But it was done! I was greeted by my Mum who had completed the 5k, my husband Stuart, smiling and looking like he’d just been for an easy walk around the park, who had won the race again despite after cycling 70 miles the previous day doing the 5 ferries (he doesn’t cycle, like EVER) and my sister Mairi (nursing her injured knee but hopefully back in action soon) and boyfriend Stewart Ireland who also won the 5k!   Time for celebratory sticky buns!!

Well done to other CRC members and all who took part on a challenging but fun course.  Results link to all below. But particularly mentioning Jocelyn Richard who finished on the podium, picking up a prize for 2nd Vet - very well deserved!  And Fiona Cook for SECOND senior :-) Another fast runner who we could try to persuade to join…………

The prizegiving could be a little better organised (and something went wrong with the chip timing) and they are working on that but at the end of the day it’s just a fun, local race and we had a lovely morning out.

Brian Goodwin 10k 2018 - race Report

posted 4 Jul 2018, 13:13 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub   [ updated 4 Jul 2018, 13:13 ]

By Elaine McGeachy

Brian Goodwin 10k - 15th June 2018

This 10k is hard to beat.  Cheap entry with bbq and beer at the finish line - what’s not to like? ! Well, it’s 2 loops round Pollok park but don’t let the laps put you off as they are reasonably flat and fast so definitely a PB route.  It’s a fun and friendly atmosphere for a Friday night but there are many a serious runner about and with the winning time being 28 minutes that was very evident! The hospitality is great from the Bellahouston club and they even offered to let us register late due to the road being closed, that’s service

This year, conditions were almost perfect - sunny and reasonably cool, with a light breeze.  A small group of CRC members took part and got some cracking times. Not least, Stuart McGeachy who got an amazing PB of 33.27 and coming 15th overall, up there with the best! Ewan Smith, warming up for Tough Mudder the next morning, smashed a sub 40 yet again this time getting 38.54.  Stewart Ireland who was primed to get a sub 40 was a bit under the weather but pushed himself on with the help of Sandy Mclean, both achieving solid 43 minute performances. I was pretty chuffed to get 46.00 on the night despite hating every second until I crossed the line but that was more tiredness than the race itself!  Sarah McFadzean gained a sub-50 and was straight in the queue for a beer! I think she needed it after a 7 hour journey from Campbeltown and getting changed in the car!!

There was a few familiar toonie faces on the course too - Andy Campbell and Kenny McLeod, both producing excellent times.  Maybe we could get them to join as 2nd claim sometime soon…..

CAAC 5 - Race Report

posted 2 Jul 2018, 14:58 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub   [ updated 2 Jul 2018, 15:04 ]

By Stuart McGeachy

Managed a cheeky wee midweek stay up to Edinburgh on Wednesday 6th June and as per usual fit in a race to accommodate my social life...a bit sad really but that's what happens when you hit a mid life crisis!  The race of choice was the Corstorphine 5 mile (CAAC 5) which had a decent line up of strong runners, mainly comprised from the East coast running clubs.  Of course the first person I meet as I get out the car was none other than Andy Law, shortly followed by the famous Connell Drummond, who must enter every race going in Scotland (probably why he's been so successful over the years...good guy as well)!  Always nice to see some friendly faces when you go to a new event for the first time.

The weather was glorious, which now seems to be the norm in Scotland!  It was hot but not too uncomfortable so had a feeling the pace would be quite hard.  I wouldn't say I was at my freshest as had competed in a half marathon, 3000m, 5k, 800m and 1 mile race all within the 10 days leading up to this run, but oddly enough I thought the flurry of activity had brought a sharpness to my running.  I hoped I could get away with this final race as 5 miles might just be short enough distance to get away with....however within a couple of miles I soon found out I was struggling!

We set off at a hoorah lick for first mile (close to 5:15min mile pace) which I thought may be ok if fresh, but not on tired legs.  Thankfully the road was flat at this stage so just went with it.  I was now in a group of runners and tried to keep with them for as long as possible.  Mile 2 was hilly, but manageable, Mile 3 undulating...but I was still with the group.  Mile 4 the hill got steeper and the group upped the was this stage I blew up a bit and started to feel the boke!  I instantly fell back and lost about 20 secs on the group, and at this point I thought I was just going to bonk again, a bit like the MOK.  

However, as soon as it came, the pain and sickness subsided and we reached the top of the hill.  I could see a downhill push for the last mile and suddenly felt a bit better and started pulling back positions.  I thought "f**k it" and jeest nailed it for all I had left.  The group who had pushed on were clearly struggling, and that 20 sec gap closed to just a few secs.  I overtook a few, but ran out of road as finish line approached so never quite made up what I lost on the hill.  It was a respectable 12th position in 28:08, which was a solid time given how undulating the course and not on fresh legs.

Thoroughly recommend the race as organisers were really friendly and had plenty cakes on afterwards, as I know we judge races on post race treats!  Not a PB 5 mile route, but enjoyable nonetheless.

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