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SKSC 2017 Race Series - Race 5 Campbeltown

posted 5 Sep 2017, 13:36 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub

The fifth and final race of the 2017 South Kintyre Sports Council (SKSC) Race Series took place in Campbeltown this evening with 30 runners competing in the 5K event.  Conditions were reasonable, although there was a tough head wind at the halfway turn which added to the challenge!

A big thanks to the race marshals and anybody who provided post race treats! Also, thanks to everyone who came along to support this event.

Below are a list of the race timings for this evening.  As per usual, the results for this handicapped race won't be disclosed until the the end of the series.

NameReal Time
Stuart McGeachy16:57
Cameron Campbell17:59
Gregor Campbell18:50
Ewan Smith19:35
Ruaridh McGregor19:55
Euan Charlwood20:31
Sandy Mclean20:33
Darren Renton20:55
Hazel Barr21:18
Ryan Shields21:22
Sam Ferguson21:34
John Galbraith22:05
Ruairidh Campbell22:16
Elaine Cameron22:19
Sarah McFadzean22:59
David Leishman23:26
William McLean24:19
Violet Campbell24:38
Campbell Read25:21
Margaret Sinclair25:40
Caryn Kerr26:51
Darren Muller26:53
Maryann Wylie27:11
Emma Borthwick27:12
Annette McMillan30:29
Val Hope31:18
Nancy Hope32:25
Catherine McLean34:08
Graham Austin34:15
Gerri McAnerny37:01

Glencoe Mountain Trail Run

posted 3 Sep 2017, 12:47 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub

By Lorraine MacDonald

Early morning start for me & Kathleen on Saturday 26th August, up at 
5am away for 6am. We didn't have a clue what was in front of us as we
set off all cheery & chatty.

Our start was 9.30am we actually arrived at at Glencoe mountain resort at 7.30am haha we could have had another hour in bed. (I got the blame
for that!)

I only discovered on the Friday night when I read through the itinerary (properly) that the half marathon was actually over 15 miles 🙈I
hadn't even trained the way I normally would have for a half marathon, so 15miles was a bit ahh!  Anyway plan was nice & slow & enjoy the

We stood in the line for our numbers getting eating alive by guess what MIDGIES!!

Anyway I was feeling a bit oh god what have we signed up for, I said to Kathleen I don't think the run will finish coming down the ski lift
line, looking up at it like🤔, no way she said. lol I said nothing about the map actually saying we were finishing there & said to Kathleen
(och there will be a road round to the finish). 🤔

Set off at 9.30am, first 2 miles were not ideal but in retrospect they were amazing compared to what was in front. Mile 3 we turned on to marsh
land, peat, bogs & heather was all you could see, half the time we didn't know if we were on the right track or not. It was actually funny
& there were loads of runners around us having a laugh so all was fine especially when I nearly fell in a burn that just seemed to appear in
front of me. After about 3 miles on the marsh sinking & pulling your legs up out of bogs the whole time our legs were feeling heavy, jumping
over burns & bogs all the way, Kathleen face planted right into a big muddy bog at one point lol 😂 I could do nothing but laugh as she was
laying off, we came off that section at mile 8ish to a check point had a couple of jelly babies & a drink (not beer wish it had been) then back
onto the west highland way, it was great to get back onto decent ground under foot, but by mile 10 the legs where giving up totally knackered
after the marshy section & we were struggling, I left Kathleen at mile 11ish, got to mile 12ish & couldn't believe I was seeing an arrow
pointing up the steepest hill on the same marshy rocky ground we left at mile 8, so that was it heart sank there was no way I could run up that,
got half way up & started to walk, again it was bogs & burns, it took 40 minutes to cover the 2 miles up, didn't seem that long as again I was
having a laugh with fellow runners, the decent well what can I say 900 feet down under the ski lifts didn't know wether to laugh or cry, it was
scary coming down, took 35 minutes to come down. I was never so happy to see a finish line & was even happier to see my sister come over the
finish line as I know she doesn't like heights 😂 (this time she couldn't blame me as she chose the run)! I finished in 3hrs39 Kathleen 3hrs49 longest half marathon ever 😂 proud of that!

We then quickly got showered & headed over to finish ourselves off with a walk on Ben Nevis, me & Kat were quite happy to come down from about half way as the beer in the Ben Nevis Inn was calling & great beer it was!!

Great challenge & Great day out!!

(Ps Hope I haven't put anyone off entering this challenge it really is fun!)

SKSC 2017 Race Series - Race 5 Campbeltown

posted 28 Aug 2017, 05:23 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub   [ updated 28 Aug 2017, 05:23 ]

The final race in the SKSC 2017 Race Series will be in Campbeltown, starting across from the old paddling pool. 

Full details below:

Date: Tuesday 5th September 2017
Venue: Kilkerran Road, Campbeltown. Across from the old paddling pool.
Time: 1900hrs. Please arrive early to help time keepers identify all runners.
Distance: 5K
Cost: Free 

The race is handicapped and  the handicap limit is up to 40 mins.

This race contains sections on both road and pavement.  There roads aren't closed so please give way to traffic.  When on Public roads please stick to the right hand side.  When on the pavements please be considerate to pedestrians.

Please note, the SKSC race series is a free, informal run and isn't officially affiliated with Scottish Athletics.  All runners are required to sign a disclaimer on the night of the race and run at their own risk.  Parents will need to do this for under 16's and need to be present at the race.

Please check in with Marjorie Leighton to advise you are present before the start of the race.

If you are aware of any runners who aren't in the CRC Faceboook group and wish to participate then please e-mail to advise an interest in participating. Also, if this is you first time competing then please provide an estimated 5k time to enable us to calculate our handicaps for the race.

Hope to see you there!

MOK TRI 2017

posted 23 Aug 2017, 05:14 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub

By Robert Semple

The fourth MOK TRI took place on Sunday May 6th 2017 . A fresh southerly breeze and later heavy rain added to the challenge . Thirty two individual entrants and 13 teams gave the event it’s highest turn out yet . Competing as an individual for the first time this year I thought it was time to do or die !!....and before the event the latter was a distinct possibility !

A first time Triathlon is a real unknown quantity as it is hard to know how each discipline will effect the other and if there would be an accumulation of pain and tiredness . I did not do any back to back training of any discipline due to other commitments .training was limited to a brief pool session the day before and the club 5k handicap the previous Tuesday which were to see if a rib injury would stand up to the exertion .

Sunday morning came and it was time to rack the bikes sort out the shoes, towels, goggles and all the parrots and monkeys that go with Triathlon races. The pool swim went a lot better than expected though I was passed several times by Pippa K who went on to be fastest female swimmer which was an amazing achievement as she must have been held back a fair bit due to being in a lane for the slower swimmers .

I was last out of my lane in the pool and by then the roads were awash with rain and starting off on the bike felt strange , I would say it took me the first 2 miles to get a feel for cycling due to the wet roads and change in muscle use. I was lucky as I had driven the route the night before and knew there were no real pot holes on the route but it took a few miles to workout how much grip there was on the corners , often opting to stay behind slower riders until on the straight rather than risk sliding out while trying to pass them on corners or hills . Overall the cycle was good and even Peninver brae was conquered with out walking any of it !

The run was easy enough too and I was happy enough with a time of 26 mins considering I had swam and cycled as it is difficult to pace yourself for the unknown , beast the swim ….then struggle with the rest,,No Thanks .

MOK TRI was again a great event and this year had an official from Triathlon Scotland there to check that everything was 100 % inline with the rules . The official rated the event as a cracking course for the well organised event. I would recommend anyone to have a tri ,,get it! As it was not as hard as I thought and I loved it . There were loads of great performances on the day from club members and for Dom Sharkey he managed to go one better than previous years to win out right.

Tarbert 5K\10K 2017 Race Report

posted 22 Aug 2017, 04:51 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub

By Ewan Smith

A goodly number of members made their way north last Saturday to run in 
the sunshine amidst the splendour of the Jewel of the West.  Tarbert 
offers 2 races; a fairly flat 5K and a more challenging 10K which starts an hour later affording the hardy and the deranged the chance to do 

CRC representation was strongest in the 5K.  Along with, Neil John and Margaret Sinclair, I had opted to do both, so some sort of pacing 
strategy was clearly required. My initial idea was to sit behind Stephen Blackstock who was also entered for both and hing in there for as long 
as possible. However, with Stephen AWOL on the day, strategy was oot the window. The 3 front runners soon got clear of the pack but while they 
were clearly taking it fairly easy, they were still too fast for me to contemplate even trying to keep up and so I found myself on my own not 
maybe running as hard as I should have though still conscious that Sandy McLean was not far behind and running well.
All the CRC ladies, Susan Turner, Margaret Sinclair, Annette McMillan and Catherine McLean had good runs but it was the juniors who deserve 
most praise. Euan Charlwood, who spent a fair few miserable winter nights training with the adults came in 12th overall, Ruaridh Campbell 
finished in 24.14 with William McLean -who I think was the youngest man in the race - close behind. Full 5k results at the end.

And so to the 10K in which Margaret, Neil John and myself were joined by Iain MacGougan and Kathleen Mair.  Neil John had originally been signed up to referee the local derby with Tarbert's Lochy rivals in the afternoon but had made a late escape. There is, however, no truth in the 
rumour that either of the teams objected to him on the grounds that he has limited experience of dealing with corners!  In the event, with the 
locals being heavily defeated it was perhaps as well he had reneged as any referee in that game would need fresh legs to ensure a swift escape 
from the mean streets of Tarbert.

I set off with Iain MacGougan in hot pursuit; so hot that he passed me at the bottom of the High Road. And then I passed him and then he passed 
me. By the time we were heading out the village he was starting to establish a lead and I offered a Marshall £1 if she would trip him up. 
But Tarbert folk are dacent and she wouldn't do anything of the sort. Maybe if I'd said a fiver...

As we approached the school, Iain looked unassailable but I consoled myself in the knowledge that Iain is just a boy compared to me...but 
then again who in Tarbert would believe that?  We headed down the Pier Road, where all too soon the first 3 runners met us on the way back.  As 
we turned we passed the rest of the CRC contingent all looking good.  This is borne out by the photos; Margaret Sinclair as always looks as if 
she's having great fun and Kathleen looks composed whereas I'm like Quasimodo in a vest.  I was also quite pleased to see my oldest doing 
fine in his first 10k but thankfully not so well as to be a threat to his old fla any time soon.

Then up the Big Brae where I struggled - but if the boy MacGougan could keep running so could I!   As we approached the highest point, I was 
close to stopping but the gap had closed and I realised that Iain was flagging and just on the top I passed him. To be honest I thought he'd 
pass me again before the bottom but he didn't. I'm not quite sure what was going on when we reached the flat but suddenly I felt as if I had 
new legs and if strava is to be believed it must be one of the best final Ks I have ever run.  Iain finished close behind me, with Kathleen 
on 53.23 and Margaret on 57:27. Neil John had unfortunately had bad cramps but nonetheless completed the course in 59:28.

The winner of both races was Kieran Cooper who with father, Richard (2nd in the 5, 3rd in the 10) is no stranger to races in Kintyre. Nicholas 
Gemmell, another familiar face was second in the 10k.

If you've never done Tarbert I thoroughly recommend it. Lorraine and Jessica organise a great day out and the 10k is a great challenge. It 
also provided me with a meal for 2 in the Starfish which is always good for dispelling any disharmony about all the weekends spent running.   
And there was also a nice bottle of Glenfiddich which was very timely as the Glen Scotia bottle has only just evaporated!

5k results

Ewan Smith.         20:28
Sandy McLean.    21:08
Euan Charlwood.  22:12
Neil John MacPhail 22:41
Susan Turner.         23:54
Ruaridh Campbell.  24:14
William McLean.      24:23
Margaret Sinclair.     25:38
Annette McMillan.    32:07
Catherine McLean.   34:52

Dunoon Half Marathon - Race Report

posted 14 Aug 2017, 05:37 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub   [ updated 14 Aug 2017, 05:37 ]

By Ewan Smith

Dunoon Half Marathon has been in my sights for a year or two but being a 
slow learner it took me a couple of years to realise that I don't really 
like going up and down getting in other swimmers' way at the MOK Tri.  It's also the same weekend as the aptly named Islay Half Marathon which 
has its own unique attractions.

Dunoon, was advertised as "flat and fast" so seemed the perfect place to get back below sub 90 - something I haven't achieved for a couple of 
years. Flat and fast courses though are not a substitute for proper training and  despite my best intentions the long runs and the tempo 
runs didn't really happen.  And so it was I found myself at the starting line knowing I hadn't done enough but still hoping that the "less is 
more" training method would come into its own.

I usually go off way too fast, so having spotted a group of Dumbarton runners whom I knew from past experience would probably be running at my 
aspirational pace I decided to stick in behind them and see what happened. This strategy worked to an extent. The first K was very 
comfortable to the point where I even contemplated passing the Dumbarton knot. A quick sum however said that 21x4 would be an 88 minute finish and unless the Speed Fairy had waved her wand in the night I wasn't going to be faster than that. I waited where I was.

Then slowly but surely my pace began to drop.  Not by much, but slowly and surely the Dumbarton group I had been sitting behind moved ahead of me.  I thought about pushing a bit harder but my pace which had dropped to about 4:15 seemed comfortable and I decided to wait and see what happened on the return leg when the breeze such as it was would be on my back.

A change of direction, however, made no difference and for most of the remainder I was averaging  between 4:20 and 4:25.  All of which meant a 
finish time of 1:30:46. So near and yet so far.  Dunoon is very reasonably priced and anyone looking for a pb in either 10k or half 
marathon should give it serious consideration. On the other hand I got my Half Marathon pb not in flat and fast Dunoon but amongst the green 
hills of Islay. And that was not just because I was in a hurry to get to the generously sponsored prize giving!

Gullane Beach Tri - Race Report

posted 3 Aug 2017, 05:10 by Enquiries campbeltownrunningclub   [ updated 3 Aug 2017, 05:11 ]

By Ewan Swith

An Open Water Triathlon has been on my bucket list for a while. I'm not 
sure why; much as I enjoy swimming in the sea, I'm not very good at it 
and cycling largely means meandering to Kilberry on a Sunday afternoon at a sedate pace.  But the Gullane Beach Tri appeared on my horizon just 
after the Glen Scotia Marathon and as an injury prone runner it looked like the very thing to provide a fresh challenge and lift me out my 
comfort zone.  I entered with no pretensions. Just to finish would be plenty.

Gullane also has the advantage of being far away so if it went pear shaped nobody would be any the wiser.  So for that reason and no other I 
was a bit nonplussed to see the names of Stephen Whiston and Rebecca Helliwelll from the Mid Argyll Triathlon Club appear on the entry list.  
In the event, I was very glad of their company.

And so to the swim.  There was a fair wee breeze with a degree of messy choppiness from the west but I felt I'd swum in worse.  However, when 
you swim in Loch Fyne all you need to look out for are scowders and the odd seal which might be peckish or sexually frustrated. This is not a 
great preparation for entering the water with 70 other people.  The first leg was heading into the wind and soon I was struggling to keep my 
stroke and pick my way through the melee. Though to be honest the melee was moving forward faster than me. I began to realise just how out my 
league I was and seriously considered dropping out.  However, Rebecca had said her daughters were coming to cheer her on and I could hardly 
have it going back to the school that I hadn't lasted 5 minutes.  I rounded the buoy for the long leg east and while you couldn't say I was 
swimming well it was at least better. The first lap passed and going back into the water for the second lap was easier as the crowd was much 
thinner.  It was too choppy to see if there was actually anyone still behind me but I passed a couple of swimmers, one of whom was wearing a 
red cap meaning he had been in the first wave which had set off 5 minutes before us.

Eventually I sprachled out the water having swallowed more air than the Michelin man. But the "swim" wasn't over,; oh no. The "swim" included a 
lengthy run up a steep path to the transition area while trying to unfasten a wetsuit.  Transitions are a thing if you're a proper 
triathlete but on the one occasion I tried running without socks I lost a week of training until the blisters healed and if you've ever studied 
my running you'll have noticed that anything involving the degree of coordination and balance required to put on shoes while pedalling a bike 
is just no heppnin.

The big boys with tri bikes, deep rims and tribars were pretty much all away when I set off with my Chain Reaction sale bike complete with 
compact chain set.  The first 5K were cheuch with quite a headwind and I reconciled myself to the idea that the bike leg was going to be a long 
haul. The countryside was pretty though and I realised I had only seen cornfields full of poppies in pictures before. Nonetheless, I had passed 
a few folk and then I turned a corner and not only was I out the wind but I realised we had done a fair bit of climbing.  Now there was a long 
descent; I was away like cheese and a sub 3 hour finish suddenly seemed possible.   The rest of the bike leg was mixed with tough headwinds at 
times but I was passing more folk than were passing me. The nondrafting rules mean you shouldn't be within 10m of another rider which is not 
that straightforward but a bit of common sense might have told me that they were unlikely to be too concerned about checking up on a tail end 
Charlie.  Rebecca and I had passed one another a couple of times and when I saw her ahead of me on the home straight I knew what needed to be 
done and sprinted past  My joy, however, was short lived, Rebecca was having none of that and passed me for a final time yards from the 

The run was supposed to be the bit I could do.  It began with a run up a steep grassy bank where I passed a guy who had passed me on the bike 
several times.  At the top I thought that was the worst past as we made our way through the streets. Then we reached the golf course...  Blue 
noses of Neil John's vintage and up will recall that Gullane was where Jock Wallace took Rangers to toughen up and I began to wonder if he had 
designed this route too. The Tarbert 10k is nothing to thon.

Soon it was downhill and into a trail section where in the middle of the trees a wee guy and his pals were ringing bells.  If they had been in 
orange I would have said they were Hare Krishna.  I couldn't work out what they were doing and I was more concerned about where the route was 
going next. Then I remembered. 2 laps. Back up the grassy bank. Back to the golf course. This time there were a number of folk walking and 
feeling like Derek Johnstone after a summer of pies, I ran and walked to the top somehow managing to pass one hardy soul who was trying to run 
the whole way up.   Shortly after this I was pretty certain I was going to spew - probably due to a breakfast of sticky buns, Yorkie bars and 
the litres of air taken on in the swim but I was damned if I was stopping and it passed.  Soon I was back in the woods where I finally 
realised that Hare Krishna man was not signalling peace on earth but the final K.  And so in 3 02 52 it was over.  77th place and 12th old fla. 
Not great but I'd finished it and that was what I'd set out to do.

  So assuming anyone is still reading, would I recommend it?  If you're looking for a challenge, yes, certainly. I've nothing to compare it with 
but I would suspect it's not a pb course but it is certainly enjoyable and well organised. Would I do it again?  I don't know. Yesterday I 
would have said no, I just wanted to do it once.  And then there is the bike thing; if I spent money on it would I go faster?  I suspect the 
answer might be yes and I don't want to go there. On the other hand I've spent today thinking of various improvements to my technique not least 
better breathing in the swim. And then while my swimming might still be crap, two and a half years ago I could do exactly 30metres of freestyle 
so progress is possible.  And then a sub 3 hour finish is still out there.  Waiting...

SKSC 2017 5K Race Series - MACC Base

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The fourth race of the 2017 SKSC 5k Race Series took place on Tuesday 1st August at MACC Base with 31 runners competing in this PB course.    Conditions were superb with little wind and sunshine. 

CRC would like to thank MACC Base once again for allowing us to hold our event at the Base.  This is the second route we've used out at MACC Base and was another excellent  course for a PB.  CRC would also like to thank Alisdair O'May again for setting up the new race route.  Finally, a big thanks to our time keepers, marshals and bakers who provided post race treats!  Very much appreciated and without their help this event couldn't take place.

As per usual, the race positions will be kept secret and will be announced at the SKSC Race Series prize giving.  

Below is a list of the real times for each runner for this evenings race:

NameReal Time
Stuart Holmes18:20
Tommy Morran19:02
Stuart McGeachy19:03
Alasdair O'May19:25
Iain McGougan19:25
James Murdoch19:35
Johnny Girvan19:45
Thomas Cameron19:47
Euan Charlwood20:10
Sandy Mclean20:16
Sam Ferguson20:47
Ryan Shields21:38
David Leishman21:52
Elaine Cameron22:05
Susan Turner22:22
Malcolm McMillan22:22
John Galbraith22:27
Neil John MacPhail22:33
Jocelyn Richard22:33
William McLean22:52
Lorraine McDonald23:56
Margaret Sinclair24:37
Ruairidh Campbell24:42
Kathleen Mair24:44
Eilidh Girvan24:46
Campbell Read24:53
Robert Semple25:35
Violet Campbell27:19
Sarah Campbell30:45
Annette McMillan30:58
Nancy Hope35:29

SKSC 2017 Race Series - Race 4 MACC Base

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The fourth race in the SKSC 2017 Race Series will be at MACC Base.  Please note this is not the route we use on the runway or the route we did for race 2, this is a new 5K loop.  Please park near the Fire station, same as we did in Race 2.  

Full details below:

Date: Tuesday 1st August 2017
Venue: MACC Base.
Time: 1900hrs. Please arrive no later than 18:30 to help time keepers identify all runners and assemble at the start point .
Distance: 5K
Map: No official map yet, but check out Elgy's Strava profile of the route
Cost: Free 

The race is handicapped and  the handicap limit is up to 40 mins.

Please note, the SKSC race series is a free, informal run and isn't officially affiliated with Scottish Athletics.  All runners are required to sign a disclaimer on the night of the race and run at their own risk.  Parents will need to do this for under 16's and need to be present at the race.

Please check in with Marjorie Leighton as soon as you arrive to advise you are present before the start of the race.

If you are aware of any runners who aren't in the CRC Faceboook group and wish to participate then please e-mail to advise an interest in participating. Also, if this is you first time competing then please provide  Stuart McGeachy a recent 5k\10k time no later than Saturday 3rd June to ascertain a handicap. For any runners running for the first time, and don't have a recent 5k or 10K time for us to verify and provide a handicap, then the runner will start off at scratch to get your handicap time for future races, and no position will be given in this race.

Harris Half Marathon 2017 - Race Report

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By Stuart McGeachy

The Outer Hebrides….where better for Elaine and I to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary J


I’ll admit Barbados, Bahamas and Kilchousland are perceived as ‘sexier’ destinations, however a wee adventure aroon’ thon islands was just the ticket!  Clearly a race was factored into the  equation and so we signed up for the Harris Half Marathon on Saturday 8th July.


We boarded the Ferry from Uig, Skye on the morning of the race with the intention of eating a healthy breakfast on the trip across.  Porridge, scrambled eggs wholemeal toast....ah that kind of boring keech that runners eat before a race.  As usual, Elaine followed the healthy option, but as I approached the canteen area I could hear 'Fat Stuart' (mind him from aboot 8 years ago) bending my lug!  And here’s how it went:  


"Would you like the cooked breakfast Sir?  Choose from 6 pieces"

"No thanks, I’ve a race in 3 hou…….ah F*** it!   Square, two links, egg, black pudding and tattie scone big man”

"Good choice sir.  White or Brown Toast"

“Brown. I told you, I have a race!!”


Not going to lie, it was hoorah good...never again though!  


Anyway, eventually arrived in Harris and waddled straight to the school to register.  Weather was horrendous with strong windows and heavy rain.  Felt like home J 


We picked up the numbers and soon it was ready to take the bus journey to take us to the start.  The start was near Luskentyre beach, which is spectacular.  Unfortunately we couldn’t fully appreciate it as much with the weather, but still impressive in the rain.  We had a quick pee stop near the start where 3 buses just emptied out with nervous runners, into the pouring …men and women with no shame….hoot a sight!  Anyway, enough of that!


Start of the race and I decided to go with the leaders.  Decent pace but manageable.  I held the front two for 2 miles and backed off as I knew we had a big climb from 6-10 miles section, before we hit a downhill into Tarbert in Harris (not oor Tarbert!).  I regret holding off as I was in no man’s land and always harder on your own.


The ascent started in mile 6 and comfortably holding onto 3rd place, although I could see\feel a couple of runners on the chase.  I’m solid on the hills, but these guys had yon look aboot them!  I eased off a bit and let them catch up to conserve energy.  We had a good rhythm going and helping each up other up the hill.  The pace was fast, and if on my own I’d probably have given up, but as a group it was manageable…no idea how that works but it does. 


We approached the top of the hill at 9.5 miles and the front two are probably a 60-90 secs ahead.  No chance of catching up, especially with a 3 mile descent. At this stage I’m feeling strong and reckon I’ve got these two, as I sense I could take them on a flat.  Unfortunately it’s not a flat, and they hit the descent at a hoorah lick!  You’d have thought the finish line was in sight….the three of us are oot of control! It wasn’t a manageable pace for any of us…but still we batter on!


Heart, lungs and legs are up for this, but I start to tighten up at my shoulders and in my back.  It starts to impede my breathing and have to pull back, then a gap appears.  The tightness gets worse and I basically can’t breathe.  Back was in agony so stopped and lay down, which helped as felt I was cracking it back in.  Almost instant relief!


Unfortunately another runner overtakes, so scramble to my feet and start off again, but momentum is lost and still struggling with my breathing on the downhill.  Game over!  The last couple of miles are a struggle with my back.  I start to feel ok at mile 12, but too late so just try and hold my position.


So hoot hepenned?  Did I hit the hill too hard?  Or was the pace too fast on the doon hill?  Or did I just get a bloody stitch because of the full Scottish!!!!  Probably a combination of all three! 


Not going to lie, disappointed not to keep with the other two guys competing for third.  I might have still finished behind them, but confident I could have given them a race if I didn’t get that issue.  Anyway, positives to take are a decent 10 mile effort and time of 1:19 given the conditions and breathing issue.  Wind was 70% in our favour, especially at the start, so it wasn’t the worst.  Rain was tough though and completely saturated at the end.


As for Elaine, she treated the race like a slow training run (still managed it in 1:57!).  Elaine is still struggling with her tendonitis, but is able to run as long as not pushing too hard.  Really gutted for her at the moment, but I’m sure it will come good soon, as this has gone on for over 18 months.  I do feel guilty as I know it’s frustrating to have to take it easy when she knows she could knock at least 15 mins off the time fit. 


Anyway, if you’ve reached this far and not asleep then to sum up…thoroughly recommend the race and Outer Hebrides in general for a holiday.  I think we’re heading to Barra half next year (if we can get in) so looking forward to the journey back already!


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