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29/12/2013 - MOK Triathlon

CRC are pleased to be hosting the MOK Triathlon in Campbeltown on Sunday 20th July 2014.

It will be a sprint distance -

750m pool based swim

20k cycle

5k run

Entries limited to 60 individuals and 10 teams. Entries open on Entry Central at start of February.

28/12/2013 - Slog in the Sand Results

Thanks and well done to everyone who came and supported, helped or ran today at Slog. It was windy but thankfully not wet and underfoot conditions surprisingly firm! The soup and cakes were delicious and thanks to everyone who provided the post race feast!

Below is a list of the Prizewinners -


1st Male - Ross Conner

1st Female - Violet Campbell


1st Female - Ashleigh Conner

1st Male - Cameron Campbell


1st Female - Fiona Graham

2nd Female - Rachel Edwards

3rd Female - Jennifer Reid

1st Male Kenny Campbell

2nd Male - Duncan Cochrane

3rd Male - Stuart McGeachy

Click here for full results.

17/12/2013 - Winter Safety Notice

Note to all Members. When running in the dark winter conditions PLEASE remember to wear reflective gear AND to keep to the right when running, in single file. Don't bunch up, keep in a line and please remember that there are other road users out there.

CRC is buying snap bands as a help to addressing the problems, but in this modern day and age, it's not expensive to be seen, so please heed this advice.

Please give way to drivers rather than expecting them to give way to us. This is not just for the safety of the runner but also reputation of the club within the town.

Safe Running

08/12/13 - Santa Dash 2013

The Campbeltown Santa Dash took place on Sunday 8th December and was a great success with over 90 santas taking to the streets to run either 1 mile, 3 mile or 6 miles. With the event taking place the morning after the CRC Xmas night out it was amazing to see so many turn out and support the event - running and marshalling, well done!

08/12/13 - MOKRUN 2014

Just a reminder to all runners that the entry for MOKRUN will open on 2nd January from www.q-buster.co.uk. Check out the new website too for more information www.mokrun.com

21/11/13 - Santa Dash

This years Santa Dash is on Sunday 8th December at 11.00am. The start and finish at the Aqualibrium – 1, 3 & 6mile options. Fun for all ages this Christmas.

Click here to download forms.

21/11/13 - MOKRUN 2014

Registration for MOKRUN 2014 open 2nd January. Details for entering will be posted on www.mokrun.com soon.

17/11/13 - Brighton 10K

By John Burridge

I have run this race every year since 2000 & had a PB of 45 minutes a few years back. Last year my time was 60 minutes & half a second. Over 600 mile journey (10 hours) & 2 weeks in my camper van, just for this race (must be mad). Must admit to a few beers during the first week. Dodgy knees and the ageing process have made this race a bit of a challenge & my training in the run up was not ideal. I had no idea what I would be capable of on the day. About. 6 degrees C, cloudy, with a slight westerly breeze.

Ideal running conditions for a relatively flat route along the sea front. Always a good quality field with runners from clubs all over the south, The winner is normally around the 30 minute mark. Apparently, 2700 runners started today which made parts of the course a bit congested. This was not helped by some "roadworks" on the promenade & being funneled into narrow channels on a couple of occasions.

I managed to get 3 runs in down here prior to the race, thanks to the generous application of Ibruprofen gel to both knees. The master plan of a steady start went out the window from the beginning, finding myself being pulled along at 8 minute mile pace. Slowed this down a tad when the field spread out, & kept that pace to the end. Very pleased that I had the stamina & endurance, considering that my training was so disrupted prior to this race. Tribute to the 3 training sessions with the club before my other knee broke down.

I finished with a chip time of 55:13 which I was very pleased with. Could well have been the first Campbeltown running club member to finish (that will be a one & only!). Must get a couple of new knees when I get back.

09/11/13 - Prize Giving Awards

CRC annual prize giving took place on Saturday 9th November at White Hart Hotel. The prize giving giving was for the Handicap race series, Meadows Muddle and junior awards.

Below is a list of all the prize winners:

Handicap Race Series

Overall Handicap Race Series Winner - Sarah McFadzean

Ist Male - James Murdoch

2nd Male - Kenny Campbell

3rd Male - Stuart McGeachy

1st Female - Sarah McFadzean

2nd Female - Maryann Wylie

3rd Female - Ashleigh Connor

Meadows Muddle

Male Team winners - Tommy Morran and Gregor Campbell

Female Team winners - Carly Ferguson and Kerry O'May

Mixed team winners - Paul Crooks and Maryann Wylie

Congratulations to Sarah McFadzean for winning the overall Handicap race series event. Sarah has been the most improved runner at the club this year and winning the event has enforced this statement. Sarah's improvement over the last 6 months especially have been evident in some impressive 10K and half marathon runs and hopefully Sarah can take this on even further next year.

A special mention to James 'PC' Murdoch as well for being the most improved male runner this year. James Murdoch has definitely been the 'cream of the cream' this year for the gents and no more evident in his 38min 10K run in Great Scottish run and 3:30 marathon time.

Special Awards went to John Galbraith and Darren Renton for being the only runners to make all the 25 race series events over the last 5 years. A very impressive record and long may it continue.

A special mention to Donald,Suzy, Alison, Val and Marjorie for all their efforts in supporting this event this year. Without all their hard work the race series wouldn't be possible.

Unfortunately I don't have any of the full results or pictures from the prize giving. I will update this post as soon as I get a copy.

09/11/13 - Jimmy Irving Bellahouston 10K Report

The Jimmy Irving 10K took place at Bellahouston Park on Saturday 9th November with a number of CRC members making the trip up to the event. This has been a popular end of year 10K race for CRC due to it being a fast course and hosted on a Saturday morning.....bonus! Most of the runners were looking to achieve PB's in the race as it will be their final event of the year. The conditions were ideal as it was cool but sunny(ish), but the warmup wasn't so good due to the heavy rain prior to the race so most runners were soaked before even starting. Thankfully it didn't dampen the spirits or affect the times.

Stuart McGeachy finished in a time of 36:00 (PB) with Gary Turner closely following in 36:57. Allan Reid finished in 39:52(PB), a big achievement in getting a sub 40min 10K. Douglas Ferguson finished in 40:22 (PB) and Alisdair O'May in 41:03 which are excellent times and hopefully both of these fine men can get the sub 40 at their next 10K event next year.

Jennifer Martin was the first CRC female finishing in an excellent time of 41:59 (PB). Susan Turner finished 45:35 and Katie Ferguson in 46:45, which was Katies fastest 10K time of the year after some recent injury problems.

Click here for the full race results.

03/11/13 - Tin Farm 5 Report

The Tin Farm 5 race took place on Sunday 3rd November with 25 CRC members making the small trip up to the Ormsary Estate. This is the seventh year the race has been held and considered one of the most challenging events of the race calendar. This event has everything....road, trail, steep hill assents and descents and a small section on the beach to finish off the participant! Despite this it's still one of the most enjoyable and well organised races in Scotland.

With the unpredictable weather we have been having recently it was refreshing to see the sun split the sky just as the race was starting at midday. As usual there was a strong lineup of runners from Mid Argyll and surrounding areas. However, CRC produced some impressive performance to pickup a healthy tally of the prizes.

Kenny Campbell won the overall event with a course record time of 31:55. This was another impressive run from Kenny considering he has just returned back from a 3 week injury lay off. Other notable results were Stuart McGeachy finishing second overall in a time of 33:06. Jennifer Martin finished as second senior female in 39:44. Emma Morran finished as third senior female in 41:09 and Alisdair O'May finished third male Vet in 38:14. Jennifer Reid finished as first female Vet in 41:36, which is a female Vet record.

There was success for CRC juniors with Maryann Wylie finishing first female junior in an impressive 45:28. Ashleigh Conner finished as third female junior in 48:20.

There was also a team event for the best total time of three competitors. CRC team 'JTS' which consisted of Stuart McGeachy, Jennifer Martin and Tommy Morran, won the event for a second year in a row with a combined time of 1:48:10. Team 'On the Spot' which consisted of Kenny Campbell, James Murdoch and Jennifer Reid finished a close (but not close enough!) second with a combined time of 1:49:56.

Below are all timings:

20/10/13 - Amsterdam Marathon Report...'The Murdoch Experience'

By James Murdoch

In an attempt to try give you the full marathon experience, this is quite a long report. Get yourself a cup of tea and some biscuits before reading on...

Not too much to report about Friday. We arrived in Amsterdam late on and after getting sorted at our hotels we hit the town for some dinner. Once that was done we took a walk down towards a fair in the main square and a few minutes later Elaine and I were 60m up on a spinning chair-carousel getting a bird's eye view of the city at night.

The next morning we headed out to the expo – using this as a chance to get familiar with the train journey we'd repeat the next day before starting our races. We were lining up to register when it started to occur to me what I was here to do: run for 26.2 miles - and I'd chosen to do this! Outside the hall there was a trailer with a mechanical organ playing ELO (the music went quickly downhill after that first song), a pretty big inflatable shoe - nearly as big as my size 13's - and the usual array of energy-drink advertising and food stalls. A relentless stream of people were chatting about training plans, previous races and greeting friends whilst waiting to get in to collect race numbers and maybe buy some over-priced socks or stock up on gels before the race.

I collected my number (1776) and straight away got a good feeling about it. I couldn't work out why:

Was it a number on my cello or a guitar? Nope.

Was it something to do with Kilmarnock FC? No, about 100 years too early for that.

Stuart helpfully suggested it might be Donald's birthday... We though about this for a minute and decided it probably wasn't.

After some research on getting home it turns out something big happened in America on July 4th, 1776 - that certainly wasn't what I was thinking about!

So, it turned out it to be just a number after all.

After leaving the expo I had a little wander about Amsterdam itself – nothing to report there... ate some apple pie (thankfully with only regular ingredients) and settled in for a few hours of relaxing / snoozing in my hotel room before heading out for the pre-race meal.We left for dinner in near-monsoon conditions – I've now got a nice XXX Amsterdam brolly to remind me of my trip – and finally got to the restaurant: “It's not this Toscana, it's the other one a few (really 10) minutes along the road”. The food was good, but based on the time it took to get on the table it may well have been prepared, cooked and then sent from Italy. After dinner we went for another wander around the town, the rain had thankfully stopped, to see what all the fuss was about, still nothing to report there... and headed off to our hotels.

I was a little surprised to find that I had managed to find some pre-race jitters on Saturday night and when it finally got to 6:30am on Sunday I was happy to finally get up and be about the business of the day. A breakfast of cereal, yoghurt, scrambled eggs, OJ and coffee was quickly dealt with and after a quick trip to the facilities (only time I'll mention toilets, which – based on previous form – is possibly the real achievement of the day!) I was heading for the train and the trip out to the stadium.

It was only 7:30am on a Sunday but the 1st train out to the stadium was busy, the 2nd train, after a cross-platform surge that resembled the start of the MOKRUN, was really busy, and the 3rd train – forget about it! I waited for two full-to-bursting trains to go past before I decided to just walk the last mile or so to the stadium, my warm-up. I had a fairly good idea where I was going and time was moving on - so off I strode.

Arriving outside the stadium I was almost over-whelmed by the number of people there! The car park where everyone was getting sorted out was shielded by a wall and although I knew it would be busy, I hadn't properly considered just how many people who would be there. I got my stuff together, dropped of my bag and joined the queue to enter the stadium.

After months of training: some good runs, some not-so-good runs. I was standing on the track, 15 minutes away from starting my first marathon. The stands were surprisingly full and the track was bouncing. People all around me were speaking any number of different languages, finishing juices and gels, tying and re-tying races (my own nervous trait), the music was blaring out of the PA, the announcer seamlessly shifting from English to Dutch to French to German... I was trying my best to take it all in but still must have missed loads. In what seemed like no time at all we were counting down: “10-9-8...” and the elites were off. From our enclosure we could see them rounding the far side of the track and speeding out of the stadium. The fastest 4 minutes of my life then passed and before I knew it I was crossing the start line, running on the track of an Olympic stadium (not something I ever thought I'd do). The first few hundred metres were just about all I remember from the first part of the race – the noise of people cheering, rounding the first corner and seeing the thousands of other people who were running the marathon. I was through the arch and on to the roads of Amsterdam with only 26-or-so miles to go.

I don't remember much of what was happening for the first few miles of the race - one thing that did stand out was the number of mobile DJ's dotted about. And these were really mobile - built into and on-top-of cars and vans! There were also lots of tramlines to not trip over. The route headed out through a park, we then went through/under the Rijksmuseum and headed back towards the stadium – that was the first 5 miles.

The route then ran through the town for a bit ending up at the River Amstel. We ran down one side, lots of people rowing or relaxing in boats waving at us, and then back up the other – finally seeing my first Dutch windmill! At this point I noticed the familiar blue-with-white-writing-on-the-back of a CRC vest in front of me – it was Rachel, and she was flying! With a little more of a view to see I'd been looking about and must have missed her passing me. I tried to catch up to her to see how she was feeling but couldn't get close. I managed to just about keep pace with her for a couple of miles but lost her in a crowd and then she was gone, powering away. This was just about halfway and I was where I expected: 1:41 for the 1st half and feeling pretty good.

We were over the halfway point when the left the Amstel and headed into a large industrial area. This is unfortunately where my legs decided that they weren't enjoying themselves anymore: 18 miles. I know this pretty much exactly as my watch lost its GPS signal at 17.7 miles and I started to notice my legs a few minutes after that. I was cramping up in my right calf and over the next miles the left leg started to go and I got slower and slower as every stride began to hurt. I knew as soon as this started that my hopes of getting the, admittedly optimistic, time I had in my head were gone and now it was about keeping a comfortable pace and continuing on without hurting myself and ruining my marathon experience. People around me were also starting to slow with more and more walking at the side and although looking back I feel a little bad about it, I used this as encouragement to keep going. I wasn't going to be one of the people who finished the marathon walking – not a chance.

With about 5 miles to go we got back into a more residential area and the tramlines were back. The earlier dancing around and striding over these was gone. I had to be really careful about picking my way through them as I just wasn't able to stretch out or change my speed to simply deal with them. Any time I didn't think ahead resulted in a particularly nasty cramp, a grimace and a muttered (occasionally not-so-muttered) curse. Arriving back at the park, about the 3 hour mark, I knew I was around 23 miles but the last 3 miles felt never-ending... At this point I was moving slightly better after quickly stretching out my legs whilst getting my last drink.

The stadium was hidden away from the route and it was only at the last minute I saw it. I was paying more attention to my surroundings, houses and shops now, to take my mind off my legs and was trying to remember the start of the race in reverse to work out where I was when all of a sudden I could see the column outside the stadium where the Olympic torch burned and with a final push I set myself for the last few hundred metres.

Lining up to go under the stadium arch I could see the finish line – nearly there! Getting into the stadium there was probably lots of cheering and clapping going on. I didn't notice any of it. I was focussed on getting on the inside lane, rounding the bend and hitting the finish line. There was no sprint finish. I could see that I was already in to the 3:30's so I kept the slightly improved pace of the last mile or so and crossed the line in 3:30:51. Done.

It was almost difficult to stop moving. My balance was a bit shaky and although my legs were totally destroyed I didn't feel out of breath. It was a strange sensation – not at all what I was expecting. I was expecting a full body shut-down. I took a wee minute to actually look about the stadium, finally hearing the noise and seeing the supporters in the stands, collected my medal, ate the nicest piece of orange I've ever tasted and went to collect my bag.

I had a little bit of time to wait for the others to complete the half-marathon – I was finished before they started their race. In fact, I'm led to believe that some of the others weren't even out of bed when I started running! During this time I went for a wander/limp/stagger about, my cool down, getting to a good spot to watch Stuart striding into the stadium and then we both watched Elaine and Mairi crossing the finish line from the stands.

After getting back to the hotel we got to celebrating with some well-deserved cocktails and beers, all of us with medals, tired legs and, most importantly, full glasses.

Oot on the lash - That looks like a big creamy drink Jamesy boy........

That was my marathon. If you made it to the end of the report – you also deserve a full glass!

20/10/2013 - Amsterdam Race Report

Campbeltown runners were out in force in the Netherlands to compete in the Amsterdam Marathon, Half marathon and 8K on Sunday 20th October. James 'PC' Murdoch and Rachel Edwards had enter the biggest challenge and were both running in their first marathons. Stuart McGeachy, Elaine McGeachy, Mairi McKillop and Lisa Hardie were running the half marathon and Elizabeth McKillop and Campbell Read were running in the 8k event.

Conditions were reasonable for running, although it was surprisingly sunny and warm for this time of year....not the heavy rain that was forecast! It was still windy though...we can't escape that stuff! The route was, as expected, very flat! However, the biggest obstacle was congestion in the course due to the large number of people competing and this affected some of the runners times and overall experience of the race.

Congratulations to Rachel and James for finishing the marathon with some incredible times. Rachel blazed through the course in a time of 3:15:59 and James wasn't far behind in 3:30:51.

Well done to all other runners for their times in the Half marathon and 8K events. A special mention for Mairi McKillop for finishing her first half marathon....first of many!

Below is a full list of the times:

We will hopefully get a race report from Rachel or James on their first marathon.

13/10/2013 - Penrith Rotary 10K Trail Run

By Sarah McFadzean

When on holiday in the area I took part in the Penrith Rotary 10K Trail Run, Lowther Park, near Penrith, Sun Oct 13th 2013. This Trail Run was set out on a superb, scenic one lap course, on grass, farm tracks and tarmac, with a few cattle grids and styles to jump ensuring no chance of a PB!

At the start line I did wonder if I had made a mistake entering a trail run as everyone looked like they were extremely well practiced trail runners, however after the first half mile running in single file we broke through into open fields and I was able to get to grips with establishing a good pace, however it was not enough to get near a PB, finishing in 51:55 (6th female; 59th overall; 201 competitors). Enjoyed the variety of the trail run and would like to do this again.....

Also, below is a photo from the Great Scottish Half of Sarah, Margaret and Isla.

09/10/2013 - CRC Christmas Night

Date for your diary - Saturday 7th December at White Hart Hotel, 7.30pm. Names to be taken in nearer time.

06/10/2013 - Great Scottish Run 2013 Results

Campbeltown Runners were out in force at the Great Scottish Run 2013.

More than 20 CRC runners were among the 23,000 strong field that pounded the Glasgow streets for the annual 10K and half-marathon on Sunday 6th October for the Great Scottish Run.

Haile Gebrselassie....the rich mans Hector McMurchy! Awesome runner and great run on the day

For 2013, the date had been moved from the traditional early September date to the first weekend in October to attract more elite athletes and for TV coverage. Originally this change was seen by some to be a disadvantage to those training for an autumnal marathon, gaining negative press but with increased publicity including the announcement that double gold Olympic medallist Haile Gebrselassie would be making his Scottish debut at the race it soon changed to became a race not to be missed.

Both the 10k and half-marathon routes had also been changed in preparation for the Commonwealth Games and both courses took in some of Glasgow’s old and new architecture including the SECC, the Hydro, transport museum and even a section of running over the ‘Squinty’ bridge. From discussions at the finish line, most runners seemed to prefer the new route, in particular the last few miles which was a nice flat run alongside the Clyde into Glasgow Green for the finish straight up to Nelson’s Column.

Scottish Olympic medallist Katherine Grainger started both races frustratingly later than planned but as runners set off up the first incline of St Vincent Street, the lateness was soon forgotten about and everyone settled into their race pace.

The TV coverage must have put the pressure on the CRC runners as everyone did fantastic with most achieving PB’s – well done all!

10K Results

Half Marathon Results

Please email enquiries@campbeltownrunningclub.com if your result has been missed.

05/10/2013 - CRC compete at MacAndrew Relay

By Stuart McGeachy

Just over a month ago myself, James Murdoch, Tommy Morran and Kenny Campbell enquired about entering a team into the MacAndrew Road Relay. The race is a four man relay team event around a 3.25 circuit close to the Scotstoun stadium. The MacAndrew Relay was celebrating it's 74th year has a lot of history surrounding it with a lot of big central running clubs competing in the event.

Unfortunately big Kenny had to pull out the race a couple of days before the event due to injury. Hopefully the injury isn't too serious and we will see Kenny back soon. As a last minute substitute we managed to draft Graham Crawford, which wasn't a bad replacement!

I can't believe question marks have be raised over this alleged 'Senior team'....None of us over the age of 30!

The relay was the day before the Great Scottish run and there were a lot of clubs absent or fielding a reduced number of teams. Nevertheless, there was plenty of running talent on show from the clubs competing.

The course is surprisingly hilly for the first half of the circuit. There is a nice flat section leading onto the last mile, however the wind was causing havoc so there was no fast surges down this straight. As a warm up Graham took us round the entire route....I'm still not sure if that was a good idea or not!

Graham started the first leg as he had competed in the race before and was probably the least likely out of the 4 of us to go off like Usain Bolt at the start of the race! Experience shone through as Graham produced an excellent time of 18:25...then it was over to me!

Against all our advice and tactics prior to the race I set off too fast and was struggling before I had even left the car park! There was a minor delay at the time of my transition with Graham due to another team making a mistake at handover so I'm blaming that two second disruption for the ridiculous start. The hills soon slowed me down and I managed to finish my circuit in 18:55. Happy with the time and managed to keep it under 19 mins, not that I had any clue what time I would get as an unfamiliar distance.

James was running in the third leg and produced an excellent time of 20:01. Really unlucky not to get into the 19 min range, but the sun had came out at that point so the conditions were really humid. The final leg was 'Tommy the Tank'...no fear with Big T! Another cracking time in 20:05 which was just four seconds off James. There's not much splitting these two nuggets at the moment as there wasn't much between their last handicap times.

We finished 9th senior team out of 21, and 11th overall out of 31 teams if you include the Vets. Very respectable position considering the level of opposition and was certainly an eye opener on how good some of the runners in clubs based in Glasgow and surrounding areas.

I would certainly recommend CRC entering teams next year for both the Male and Female events. The bonus is it's a Saturday so we can got for a good night out afterwards as well!

Click here for the full race results.

29/10/2013 - Mid Argyll Triathlon Race Report

By Katie Ferguson

Mid Argyll Sprint Triathlon took place on Sunday 29th September, a pool-based swim, with first class organisation and friendly atmosphere. It comprised of a 500m swim, 20k cycle and 6.5k run and what I like most about this event, it’s all flat…no hills! This year I also managed to persuade my other half (Douglas) to enter but only because he had heard about the great baking at the end….and he wasn’t disappointed.

The swim heats started at 11am with the team swimmers going first. Becky Dott was in this heat and finished with a time of 7mins 39 secs!!! In heat 2, we cheered on Fiona Irwin and Moira McLellan who both had good swims and then it was my turn. I shared a lane with two others who looked extremely fast but to my surprise I finished first in 11 mins 29 secs (1 min quicker last year’s time) after a very choppy swim and a few choking episodes.

Transition 1 (1min 18secs) was a bit a disaster as I couldn’t find my bike (note for next year, leave something bright beside my bike!). When I eventually did locate it, everything went to plan. We had been warned about the wind on the cycle route at the race briefing and I hoped that our cycle training in windy Campbeltown would have prepared me for this and it did. A serious side wind on the Moss Road from Bellanoch and full on headwind back in the Oban Road but just got the head down and pushed as hard as I could and finished my cycle in 39 mins 35secs (4mins quicker last year’s time) which I was delighted with despite the weather.

Transition 2 (24 secs) was more like I had planned and then to the 6.5km run, out towards Ardrishaig and back to the pool along the Crinan canal. Legs actually felt really good for the first two miles but by mile 3, the cycle had obviously taken more out of me than I thought, my legs were heavy and it was just a case of putting one foot in front of the other to finish. As I approached the finish at the pool, I was met by roars of encouragement from Alasdair (with his camera!) & Lorraine O’May, Fiona & Moira. This perked me up for a, well what I thought was a sprint finish but not sure it quite looked like that. Run time 32mins 37 secs (2mins quicker last year’s time). Giving me an overall time of 1 hour, 25mins and 22 secs! Taking 7mins off my time from last year.

We then waited to cheer on Douglas, who had started in the swim heat after me. He was looking strong on the run when I saw him whizz by and was still powering on when he reached the finish line. Swim time: 9mins 50secs, Bike: 37 mins 6secs and Run: 29 mins 34 secs giving him an overall time of 1 hour, 18mins, 34 secs, bringing him in 23rd overall …well chuffed!

We waited around for the prize giving as Kenny Campbell, Charlie Dott & Becky Dott had won the team event in 1 hour, 12mins and 38 secs! To my surprise, I also picked up 2nd female veteran which I was delighted with. Kenny also received the prize for the fastest run of the day (23mins 12 secs!).

Great way to spend our 18th wedding anniversary weekend! Would recommend this event to individuals or as a team event. If you are interested in giving it a go, it a great one for beginners.

03/10/2013 - Slog in the Sand 2013

Slog in the Sand 10k and Junior Race will take place on Westport beach on Saturday 28th December at 12 noon. Entries on the day at £5pp. There will be pottery prizes and wine for adults, chocolates for juniors. Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd for adults m/f, prizes for juniors 1st m/f. All Juniors will hopefully also receive medals. Elaine to organise. Elaine to make posters. Ask members again for baking, Donald will provide soup etc. It is hoped that we could get around 50 entrants.

03/10/2013 - Handicap Race Series Prize Giving

Please note that the Handicap Race Series prize giving will be Saturday 9th November at 8pm in White Hart. Hope to see you there!

03/10/2013 - Fundraising – Bingo Night

NJ McPhail has booked Argyll Bowling Club booked for Thursday 17th October at 8pm – eyes down at 8! Training at 5.30pm on that night to encourage members and family to come along. We need members to bring along prizes for the bingo worth around £5, we need around 20 of these. We also need raffle prizes! If you could please bring along a donation to training any Tuesday or Thursday to NJ McPhail in the next 2 weeks. Alix will give NJ McPhail a cheque for £50 to pay for vouchers for prizes.

Robert will create posters. Kerry O’May will put a notice/create an event on Facebook. Please encourage all members to come along and bring friends/family.

24/09/13 - Handicap Race Series Race 5 - Campbeltown

The final race of the 2013 Handicap Race Series took place on Tuesday 24th September in Campbeltown. This is traditionally the final race and also seen as the fastest due to the flat route. Weather conditions were perfect with no wind and this showed with a large proportion of runners achieving PB's at the race.

Congratulations to Andrew Renton for winning the race, which shows the great depth we now have with the juniors and all the good work Donald is doing in developing them.

Donald commented "It was a grand spectacle down the home stretch, for we managed to have 22 runners out of 39 finish in a bust of 1 minute between each other followed by 11 other runners finishing in the following minute"

As per usual, the results will be kept secret until the race series prize giving, but it looks like there are a lot of people in the hunt for the winning prize!

A big thanks to Donald, Suzy, Alison, Val and Marjorie for all their hard work in making the race series possible.

We can now look forward to the prize giving and hope to see you all there!

Click here to view race timings.

17/09/13 - Stirling 10K

Congratulation to Kenny Campbell who finished 22nd in the Stirling 10K with an incredible time of 33:24. This race had a tough field with the top 50 runners finishing with a 35 min 10k or less.

This is a PB for Kenny and it knocks of a couple of mins from his previous time.

17/09/13 - Race Report - Kilmacolm Half Marathon, Sunday 15th September 2013

By Sarah McFadzean

This run took place mostly on a flat cycle track with a few hilly sections thrown in. The weather was very windy and wet although it did dry up for the mid part of the race. Chips were provided for times, nice technical t-shirt and medal,plenty water stations and marshals. Changing and showering facilities with in the fitness centre. All in all a good day out! There were 3 races plus a toddle dash taking place; a 10K with 177 participants; half marathon 99 participants; 3k 149 participants, so something for all abilities and ages.

Chip Times

Sarah Mcfadzean 1:42:48 PB 4th overall female; 3rd in age cat

Ronald MacDonald 1:56:06

Jackie Fulton 2:02:37 1st in age cat

Margaret Sinclair 2:05:37 2nd in age cat

17/09/13 - Graham Crawford Running Talk

Graham Crawford would like to thank everyone who took the trouble to come along to to his running talk at the Ardshiel on Sat 7th September.

Graham's main training tip to CRC members is that they endeavour to start well within their comfort zones and then get progressively faster during their harder Tuesday and Thursday sessions with the club.

He said: 'The all-too common mistake is that people are going off too fast, relative to their level of fitness, in their early efforts and then struggling and straining and slowing down towards the end of the session. Training this way negates the benefit of the session, hinders long-term progress and is psychologically a downer.

'Instead, ignore those around you, start off at a pace you feel YOU can comfortably cope with. Allow the body to settle and find its natural rhythm and it should allow you to go faster or at least maintain your pace with each effort or repetition. Accomplish that and finish strongly and you will feel much better psychologically and be more enthusiastic for the next session. Leave something for another day.

'Essentially, once your pace drops in a particular session you should stop. Anything else is flogging a dead horse and is not helping you.

''If you don't feel your training is progressive, it is probably because you are being impatient and asking your body for too much too soon.

'To quote the great Haile Gabreselaisse, as I did at the Ardshiel - 'the secret of long distance training is patience.'

CRC would also like to thank Graham for taking time out for his informative talk. It was good to see so many people attend and everyone who was at the talk can take a lot from Graham's advise and tips from his vast running experience.

11/09/13 - One Hec' of a time in Canada!

The one and only Hector McMurchy represented CRC on a recent trip to Canada, at the Fergus Highland Games in Toronto. After a hefty summer lay off, he clocked 44mins 20 secs. Great to see the vest being aired on the American continent!!

01/08/13 - Al smokes the Moray Marathon!

Congratulations to our main man Alisdair O'May who completed the Moray marathon in 3 hours 26 mins!!! An incredible time from the big man and well deserved after all the tough training over the last few months.

We'll hopefully get a race report from Alisdair later in the week.....once the legs have recovered a bit!

01/08/13 - Free Running Talk - Ardshiel Sat 7th September

Graham Crawford, who has been running with the club and CRC members over the last few months has offered to give a talk and Q & A session about his training and running experiences.

He has been running for over 30 years and represented Scotland in track, cross country and road distances as well as the UK in half marathon distance races competitively. With a host of PB’s under his belt as well as still holding many course records he describes himself as “obsessed by running” and being so enthusiastic about it he would like to share his knowledge with others who share his passion for the sport.

If you are interested the free talk will take place in the Ardsheil Hotel on Saturday 7th September at 7.45pm, (there will be bar available!) all welcome.

27/08/13 - Handicap Race Series Race 4 - Westport Beach

The penultimate race of the 2013 Handicap race series took place at Westport beach on Tuesday 27th August. Once again there was a large turnout with over 30 runners competing in the tough beach run.

The weather conditions were far from ideal with runners heading into a strong wind after the halfway turning point. On the plus side the underfoot conditions were good as the sand was firm which still made it possible to achieve good times.

Well done to everyone who competed and a big thanks to Donald, Suzy, Alison and Marjorie for their time and efforts. Without their help these events wouldn't be possible.

The race results won't be disclosed until the race night out. Click here to find the individual timings.

26/08/13 - Tarbert 10k Race Report

By Davie Sinclair

August, Sunshine and Light Airs. Words not without commonality.

Conditions though for the inaugural Tarbert 5km and 10km were looking

more akin to that expected in autumnal October. Race nerves were absent

replaced by apprehension of torrential rain and squally winds.

Despite my gloomy outlook, the weather cleared somewhat come the

starter gun, and it looked like a good day for racing.

Funny start to a race, when the start line is directly on a corner. It

looked conceivable to line runners up along the lane adjacent to start

line but perhaps due to technicalities of race start this was not

possible. Despite this CRC was very well represented at the front.

Countdown to the gun was called and we were off, I stuck to the plan

and got out front with the leaders to avoid having to dodge my way

through the masses. After clearing the marina the road ramped up and I

settled into my stride for the days 1st climb up the A83 and over the

top of Tarbert back towards the church.

Davie running in number '003'...must be early on as everyone is looking too fresh!

Heading out of Tarbert towards Campbeltown, I dropped my pace to

7:00’/miles, but as we reached the Tarbert Heritage Centre and the 1st

section of cross country it dawned on me that my unfocused training

methods of the last 3 months were not going to be enough. The trail went

up, pace went down, it was wet and muddy, PB’s were not looking likely.

I was now racing for position. I’d been trailing after a female

competitor from the start happy with the pace she was keeping but she

slowed somewhat and I nipped in front of her so as not to be held up.

I’d regret that later. After completing the climb it was time to get

back on it, make up some time during the decent and try hold my


Running into the village centre and along the waterfront it was back on

terrain well known to CRC members. The local crowd were clapping and

cheering, along with words of encouragement. I’d settled on a pace I

felt would get me through to the end. I was pretty happy. Pace was

settled. No one was passing me. Keep going.

The course followed the shoreline as far as you could go. Some elderly

walkers, 4 abreast, clearly hadn’t paid attention to the commotion in

the village and were content to make me run around them. I reached the

turning point and I wasn’t too far back.

I didn’t expect the next part of the race. Where the other hills turned

up, this section was a ramp to the moon. The road up towards the castle

is at best - testing. Halfway up I was struggling, I was looking at my

feet, seen the arrow pointing and followed it right up someone’s drive

until the boot of their car. Wrong turn. Quick look around to see what

went wrong when I see a smaller sign further up hill. I started off

again but my focus was lost. Here comes my 1st ever _bonk_. My heart was

bursting out my chest. Being stubborn it was one foot in front of the

other, hands on the knees, walk, shuffle, and hop; just keep moving.

Further up and I was leaving the tarmac and back onto the grass for the

2nd off road section of the race, the course maintains its ascendency

but at a shallower angle. I got my head up and got my legs moving. It

was a relief to be told I’d reached the summit, but I was wasted, 1 mile

to go. During the off road descent I could hear that I was being closed

down from the hand clapping and cheering of the Marshalls, and it wasn’t

long until the female I passed earlier repaid me for my early fervour,

when she and another male competitor quickly left me trailing and opened

up the gap. 2 places down. It was starting to unravel.

Descending from the castle, (that I never saw) it was apparent that the

climb had taken its toll on a lot of the field with many walking.

Back on the flat it was back to business. Maintain position.

I can’t say if I managed that or not. It was all a bit of a blank by

this time. It was good run in, My pace was up, the crowds were spurring

us on and I dry boaked on finishing. I’d gave it my all.

All in all, it was a good race, even if it lacks some identity.

Kenny Campbell destroyed the field, Fiona Graham 2nd for the Ladies, &

James Murdoch (6th) had a strong showing. As with every race

congratulations is to be offered to the “Jecks” for the organisation and

support throughout.

I was happy with 11th overall (46:36) but can’t help feel that I didn’t

race smart, PB was never on and I underestimated the effort that would

be required running up steep hills off road. Donald I’m sure will be

telling us next year “It’s a position race, only for course PB’s” Hope

to be back next year but with a bigger better field it may be very

difficult to better my efforts. Figure of Hate anyone?

You can view my race profile here:


17/08/13 - Tarbert 5k and 10k results

Tarbert organised their first 5k and 10k races on Saturday with a large number of CRC members competing in both events. The weather wasn't ideal just before the 5k race but thankfully it improved in time for the 10k, which was about the only relief the competitors got as the route was hilly with slippy underfoot...just the way the toonies like it!

The 5k was slightly more forgiving and was a nice flat route around Tarbert bay so it was ideal for fast times. Congratulations to Graham Crawford who finished first with a time of 18:08. Stuart McGeachy finished second in 18:31 and Cameron Campbell finished third with an impressive time of 21:25.

No surprises for the 10K winner! Well done to Kenny Campbell for finishing first in the 10K race with an incredible time of 36:39, which was almost 5 minutes faster than the second placed finisher! A special mention also to Fiona Graham who finished second overall female with a time of 46:43.

Left to right - Bollard, Big Kenny and blue cone....the only things close to the big man at the finish!!!!!

The full race results can be found in Tarbert 10K Facebook page below:


13/08/2013 - Meadows Muddle

By Donald Campbell

"Well done to all that was involved on the clubs 1st Meadows Muddle. A great turnout for starters, also a very gutsy performance from every runner that took to the field of play.

The verdict is now out, of which is the harder of the two handicap races that you have been involved in. One for debate on the bar stool?

My big thanks, and also from the club as well, must go the ladies at the sharp end, Suzy, Val, Alison, Noreen and Marjorie, for it would not be possible without their help and time that they have given up to make the events run smoothly.

As regards the results, sorry, I know you will want them sooner, than having to wait until the presentation, but for one, it will take me a wee bit of time put the results up with the proper handicaps. So please settle for the clock times for now (which will be put up asp) then I will have a vote if you want the results of the added handicaps before the presentation.

Thanks to all, pat on the back for a big effort and for supporting YOUR club."

CRC would also like to thank Donald for all his hard work for this event.

03/08/13 -Islay Half Marathon Report

By Sarah McFadzean

The Islay Half marathon took place on Saturday 3rd August with five CRC members making the ferry journey across. It was a very friendly and relaxed event, the weather was fine, maybe a bit on the windy side and there were a few short showers of rain during the run, however this did not dampen our spirits and we all enjoyed the day.

Congratulations to Jennifer Reid picked up a prize for 6th overall female. Below are the times for all the CRC runners:

Jennifer Reid 1.41.16

Sarah McFadzean 1.47.03 PB

Ronald Macdonald 1.50.29

Jackie Fulton 1.56.13

Margaret Sinclair 2.10.06 PB

30/07/13 - Records Page Update

I will be updating the Race record page in the next couple of weeks. If anybody would like a record uploaded from a recent race then please e-mail details to enquiries@campbeltownrunning.com

Please provide the following details:

  • Race
  • Date
  • Category (i.e. Vet, Super Vet, etc)
  • Time

30/07/13 - Handicap Race Series - Race 3 Lussa Results

The third race of the 2013 Handicap Race series took place around Loch Lussa with 33 runners competing in the 3 mile undulating route. The weather was ideal for running, however the midges were out on force so not ideal for the time keepers and spectators!

Big Creamy powering in with another strong run. He puts his success down a good diet, 8 hours sleep a night and a pint of Imodium 2 hours before a race. Top Man!

Well done to everyone who ran in this very competitive race. We had another grandstand finish so Donald is getting the handicap's bang on for a mass sprint at the end!

Thanks again to Donald, Suzy, Val, Alison and Rab for the organisation and time keeping. Also thanks to Graham Crawford for taking photos at the race.

Click here for the race timings.

20/07/13 - Round Arran Relay

The Round Arran Relay invitational took place on Saturday 20th July with CRC competing against 22 other teams around Scotland. The race is a six person relay event around the North and South side of Arran with each competitor starting their section at roughly the same time, so there is no handover taking place between sections.

The CRC members who tackled each section were as follows:

North Stage 1, Blackwaterfoot to Pimmill, 11.5 miles – Stuart McGeachy

North Stage 2, Pimmill to Bogullie, 10.5 miles – Big Creamy (or as he known to some James Murdoch)

North Stage 3, Boguille to Brodick, 11 miles – Tommy Morran

South Stage 1, Blackwaterfoot to Lagg Inn, 7.5 miles – Neil John MacPhail

South Stage 2, Lagg Inn to Whiting Bay, 8.5 miles – Kerry O'May

South Stage 3, Whiting Bay to Brodick 8.5 miles – Robert Semple

Conditions were tough (to say the least!) with temperatures reaching the high 20's, so not ideal for any Scottish runner! However, the 'Goon Platoon' powered on through the blistering heat to reach an overall position of 13th out of 23 teams, which is our highest place out of the three years we've competed. Deadly!

Click here for full results and timings.

26/06/13 - Handicap Race Series - Race 2 Chiskan Waters Results

The second race of the 2013 Handicap Series took place on Wednesday 26th June at Chiskan Waters. There were 27 people competing in this race and as usual some good times and PB's achieved on this flat course.

As per the previous race, the clock times won't be provided until after the last race to keep everyone guessing! Click here to get the real time results.

21/06/13 - Club Trip Amsterdam 2013

So far around 8 people have signed up for the trip, looking to encourage more from the club to come along for the weekend and have fun (and race!) Cheap flights are still available so get them while they last!

As of 21/6/13 to stay at Hilton (doubletree by Centraal) for 3 nights including flights it will cost £293 pp, 2 nights Sat – Mon £232 pp including flights. Offers going withwww.lowcostholidays.com (no longer book with Hotel direct as showing unavailable but there is availability through low cost and other booking websites).

Choices for 8k, half marathon or full marathon!

13/06/13 - Handicap Race Series - Race 2 Chiskan Waters

The second race in the 2013 Handicap Series takes place on Wednesday 26th June 2013. The venue is Chiskan Waters and start time is 19:00.

Click on the link below for a map of the route:


We would like to thank Mr & Mrs Turner who will kindly allow us to park around the limited space at their farm. So folks if you can car share, that would be appreciated. The other thing you could do is park at Stewarton and use the run in and back as part of your w/up c/dn.

Can all runners keep to the left of the route, especially running the two lane track section. The onus will then be on the runner that wants to overtake to find his/her route passed that leading runner.

Anyone yet still to have a pop at a handicap race, feel free to get in touch with Suzy or Donald.

26/05/13 - MOK Run 2013 Results

The MOK run took place on Sunday 26th May with over 60 CRC members competing in both the 10K and Half marathon races. The conditions were perfect for both courses and there were plenty of PB's achieved on the day. Once again the race lived up to the hype with it being one of the best events in the racing calendar, mainly due to excellent organisation from the race organisers and an electric atmosphere at the finishing line.

CRC were successful in both the 10K and Half Marathon races with some podium finishes and category prizes. Congratulations to all the club prize winners below:

Kenny Campbell - 1st Male Half Marathon. Also 1st Male local prize.

Jennifer Martin - 1st Female local Half Marathon

Robert McDonald - 1st Male Super Vet Half Marathon

Fiona Graham - 1st Female local 10K

Jodie Hannah - 1st Female Junior 10K

Sandra Black - 1st Female Super Vet 10K

Ashleigh Connor - 3rd Female Junior 3K race. Also 1st CRC Junior prize Junior race.

Well done to all runners who competed and hopefully most people achieved the times they were looking for. Below are the race timings for all the members:

Half Marathon Timings

10K Timings

Apologies if I've missed anybody as I had to manually go through the list. Please e-mail enquiries@campbeltownrunningclub.com if your details are missing.

Click here to go to West Coast Photos Facebook page or click here for John McFadyen Photography site to view photos from the race.

14/05/13 - Handicap Race Series Race 1 - Machrihanish MOD

The first race of the 2013 Handicap Race Series took place on Tuesday 14th May at the Machrihanish MOD airfield. This is the first time there has been Handicap Series race at this venue and the course didn't disappoint. As expected this route was popular with 60 people running, which is the largest turnout for one of the race series runs and a testament to hard work the organisers put into the race.

In an unusual twist for Kintyre the weather was actually ideal for running, with just a small breeze for the runners on the halfway turn. Hopefully we can get similar conditions for the upcoming MOK run!

Well done to everyone who raced and also a big thanks to Donald, Suzie and Alison for organising the run. A special mention also to the Dougie Ferguson, Alan Reid and Alaisdair O'May for sorting out the venue.

Donald has advised he will only provide real times and not clock times for the runners. The aim of this is to keep everyone guessing as to the outcome of the malefemale winners until the presentation.

Click here for the race timings.

12/05/13 - Woman's Bupa 10k Results

Well done to Jennifer Martin and Katie Ferguson for running the Woman's Bupa 10K in Glasgow on Sunday 12th May. The race is a big event in the racing calendar with over 7000 people competing. Jennifer finished the race with a P.B time of 42:30 and outstanding finishing position of 48th! Katie finished in 49:45 which is quite impressive considering the current injury Katie has been battling through recently.

Full race results can be found at http://www.greatrun.org/Events/event.aspx?id=9

11/05/13 - Kintyre Way Relay 2013 Report

The 2013 Kintyre Way Relay took place on Saturday 11th April with CRC only having one team competing in the relay event. Once again the weather played it's part on this difficult route with strong winds, heavy rain and even hailstones a feature of most of the sections in the 67 mile route!

The CRC team consisted of Fiona Graham, James Murdoch, Jamie Girvan, Rachel Edwards, Fiona Groves and Robert McDonald. Well done to all team members for putting in good times for their sections and finishing in 4th position overall in the relay event in 10 hours 11 mins.

The winners of the relay race were Bellahouston Harriers who finished in 8 hours 33 mins....which was just 1 min 30 seconds off CRC record in 2011! Thankfully the record remains with the club for another year!

Click here for the complete results and timings.

04/05/13 - Gigha Challenge 2013

Well done to everyone who took part in the Gigha Challenge on Saturday 4th May for an unusual windy and cold May day on Gigha!

Special congratulations to CRC winners of the 11.2 mile race – Kenny Campbell, Alan Reid and Alastair O’May. Female winners – Jennifer Martin, Rachel Edwards and Jennifer Reid.

Left to right - The General, Kenny Campbell and the bold Elgy!

Left to right - Rachel Edwards, Jennifer Martin and Jennifer Reid

In the 5k race Cameron Campbell came 1st with Campbell Reed coming 3rd. For the females Kerry Conley came 3rd. The Murdoch family took centre stage for winning the walking events but unfortunately there was no podium finish for James ;-)

04/05/13 - Helsingborg 10k Report

By Stuart McGeachy

Hot, hilly, hungover in Helsingborg...the only way I can descibe this race! I was over visiting a friend who lives in Sweden with rest of my mates and decided it would be a good idea to do a 10K while I was over...a decision I maybe regretted by the time I'd arrived!

We flew over on the Friday morning but the race wasn't until Saturday at 3pm, a quite horrendous time for a man to wait when abroad with four other thirsty boys! Two of my mates were meant to race as well, but the enthusiasm dropped as soon as we got over and soon realised I was on my own! The plan was to have a 'quiet' Friday however the lure of the drink overtook their need to race....at that point it was if you can't beat them then might as well join them!

Race day finally came and sun was blazing....as was I! Thankfully a nice blustery wind reminded me of home and managed to freshen up for the start of the race at 3pm. There were about 2000 people competing so it was good atmosphere before the race. The first mile is beside the sea which was nice, but the rest of the 5 miles were through the town centre with a few steep hills which I wasn't anticipating! 'Eye balls oot' for the rest of the run!

I managed to finish in 38:35, which quite happy about considering the conditions...and what a condition! Never managed the P.B but finished in 45th position overall so think I didn't do too bad. Clearly there are no good photos from the support team since the view from the bar was obstructed, but I manged to get one post race.

If you look to the left you will see young Iain Barr floating aboot the background in the kilt....I didn't stand a chance! 10 mins later I was showered with first pint of the day successfully wellied!

Thoroughly recommend the race as a cracking place with great weather to boot.

02/05/13 - MOKrun pre race activities

Mokrun goody bag packing – Thursday 23d May 7.30pm at Comm Centre – the more the merrier!

Mokrun sign help – Saturday 25th May 9am at Comm Centre – please come along to help put out some of the race signage

Mokrun junior races – Saturday 2pm – 3pm at Aqualibrium – come along to support the Junior races in which CRC has sponsored

Mokrun signage – Sunday 1.15pm after prizegiving at Kinloch Green – may need some helpers to help clear up/take down signs (this should be minimal)

Many thanks in advance for all!

21/04/13 - London Marathon Results

The London Marathon, probably the biggest event in the racing calendar, took place on Sunday 21st April with three members of CRC competing. This year the club place went to Tommy Morran who was running his first marathon. Kenny Campbell and Charlie Dott managed to qualify automatically with their good for age times from previous marathons. Weather conditions were good as they could be for London as it was sunny but still cool. However, us toonies are used to fresh air so it can be hard to get used to the humidity of the big city....we prefer 100 mile an hour winds blowing on our coupons!

Kenny Campbell looking comfortable in London with another impressive run. Top 200...easy!

Tommy enjoying a well earned rest after an impressive run.

Well done to all three runners for finishing the race. A special mention to Kenny for finishing in such an impressive time, for Tommy finishing his first marathon and for Charlie completing the race after all the injuries in the training build up and during the race.

21/04/13 - Crinan Puffer Results

Well done to everyone from CRC who ran the Crinan Puffer 8.5 mile race along the Crinan Canal. It was another strong turnout from the club with over 20 members of the club participating in the race.

Congratulations to all the prize winners from the club as it was a tough line up. We (think!) the list below is correct....unfortunately most of the Campbeltown runners missed the prize giving as they had left in the first bus.

Below is a provisional list:

Stuart McGeachy - 2nd senior

Jennifer Martin - 3rd senior

Jocelyn Richard - 3rd vet

Jackie Fulton - 2nd Super vet

Margaret Sinclair - 3rd Super vet

Click here for the full race results.

14/04/13 - Balloch to Clydebank Half Marathon Results

The Balloch to Clydebank half marathon took place on Sunday the 14th April with 5 CRC members running, who were Jennifer Martin, Emma Morran, Elaine McGeachy, Stuart McGeachy and James Murdoch. The race has changed dates from running in March to April a few of years due to issues the event had with adverse weather conditions. However, with the unseasonal weather we've had lately they were far from ideal. Heavy rain and a strong southerly wind meant competitors were battling the conditions head on, but nothing worse to what we're used to in Kintyre!

Well done to all members who achieved good times. Unfortunately the timing system failed so we don't have records of chip timings. Also, the manual system didn't work well either as they haven't listed Jennifer or Emma's time. However, we have compiled a table below with the Garmin timings, which is almost as accurate.

Click here to get the full provisional results list.

12/04/13 - Membership Form Changes

As agreed at this years AGM, CRC membership for senior members will now be based online. We have now setup an online form from the Entry Central site and this is now available for people to sign up on. Click here to be redirected to the membership form hosted on Entry Central.

Please note, CRC no longer access paper based forms and this should help reduce admin for the committee members. The CRC website has now updated to reflect these changes.

Junior memberships still require a paper based form and can be downloaded from here.

12/03/13 - CRC AGM 2013

CRC AGM will take place on Tuesday 26th March, 6.30pm Aqualibrium Conference Room. All welcome.

12/03/13 - CRC Membership

Please do not send in Membership forms before the AGM as it is hoped we will be managing these online later this month. Junior membership will still require forms downloaded and printed to be returned to Neil John MacPhail. Click here to download the form.

07/03/13 - Inveraray Trail Run

The Inveraray Trail Run race this year will be held on Sunday May 12th. The race is part of the Inveraray Bluebell Festival and is approx 7km route. There is also a 1.9 mile junior race which might be ideal for some of our junior runners who have been at training. Registration is 9.30-10.30am and the race briefing 10.50am for an 11am start.

Registration forms can be downloaded here.

07/03/13 - Gigha Challenge 2013

The Gigha Challenge 2013 will take place on Saturday 4th May. Once again there will be an 11.2 mile race around the island starting from the craft units going first to the North End of the island then South to the South Pier and back to the craft units. For those who who would rather a shorter route, there is also a 5k run from craft units to the South Pier and back.

The event will be staggered with the walkers setting off at 11am, runners 1pm and the cyclists at 2.30pm. For health and safety reasons, under 16 year olds are not permitted to take part in the run section of the race, they are however more than welcome to join in the walk or cycle section. Full details can be found here.

If you are interested in participating then you can register prior to race by post by downloading the form here or you can register on the day.

24/02/13 - February Frenzy 2013 Results

It was a glorious sunny day for the third February Frenzy race which took place on Sunday 24th February. There was a healthy gathering of 22 participants competing in the hilly terrain and beautiful surroundings around Loch Lussa.

Well done to Fiona Graham for winning the event with a clock time of 00:55:48 (real time 00:47:46). Kenny Campbell finished second in 00:57:05 (real time 00:37:05) and Sarah Mcfadzean third in 00:58:12 (real time 00:58:12). A special mention should also go to Fiona and Kenny for setting the female and male course records for their real race times.

We would also like to thank Donald Campbell for organising the race and providing the post race refreshements. The race is now well established in our clubs race calendar and this is only possible because of the hard work and organisation of Donald.

Donald filling in is coupon whilst waiting on everyone

coming in......20 squids on Bradford for the win in 90 mins!

The full race results and timings can be found here.

21/02/13 - February Frenzy 2013

The third February Frenzy will once again be held around the beautiful location of Loch Lussa, a 6.4 mile (approx) handicap race on a forest track route. The race starts on Sunday 24th at 10:30am the running route can be viewed at


For those who have not ran the February Frenzy before, please email CRC club with a current race time to help us work out handicap times.

06/01/13 - MOK Run update

The MOK Run 2013 is selling out fast. Please get your entries in asap to avoid disappointment at www.q-buster.co.uk.