CAAC 5 - Race Report

Post date: Jul 2, 2018 9:58:20 PM

By Stuart McGeachy

Managed a cheeky wee midweek stay up to Edinburgh on Wednesday 6th June and as per usual fit in a race to accommodate my social life...a bit sad really but that's what happens when you hit a mid life crisis! The race of choice was the Corstorphine 5 mile (CAAC 5) which had a decent line up of strong runners, mainly comprised from the East coast running clubs. Of course the first person I meet as I get out the car was none other than Andy Law, shortly followed by the famous Connell Drummond, who must enter every race going in Scotland (probably why he's been so successful over the years...good guy as well)! Always nice to see some friendly faces when you go to a new event for the first time.

The weather was glorious, which now seems to be the norm in Scotland! It was hot but not too uncomfortable so had a feeling the pace would be quite hard. I wouldn't say I was at my freshest as had competed in a half marathon, 3000m, 5k, 800m and 1 mile race all within the 10 days leading up to this run, but oddly enough I thought the flurry of activity had brought a sharpness to my running. I hoped I could get away with this final race as 5 miles might just be short enough distance to get away with....however within a couple of miles I soon found out I was struggling!

We set off at a hoorah lick for first mile (close to 5:15min mile pace) which I thought may be ok if fresh, but not on tired legs. Thankfully the road was flat at this stage so just went with it. I was now in a group of runners and tried to keep with them for as long as possible. Mile 2 was hilly, but manageable, Mile 3 undulating...but I was still with the group. Mile 4 the hill got steeper and the group upped the was this stage I blew up a bit and started to feel the boke! I instantly fell back and lost about 20 secs on the group, and at this point I thought I was just going to bonk again, a bit like the MOK.

However, as soon as it came, the pain and sickness subsided and we reached the top of the hill. I could see a downhill push for the last mile and suddenly felt a bit better and started pulling back positions. I thought "f**k it" and jeest nailed it for all I had left. The group who had pushed on were clearly struggling, and that 20 sec gap closed to just a few secs. I overtook a few, but ran out of road as finish line approached so never quite made up what I lost on the hill. It was a respectable 12th position in 28:08, which was a solid time given how undulating the course and not on fresh legs.

Thoroughly recommend the race as organisers were really friendly and had plenty cakes on afterwards, as I know we judge races on post race treats! Not a PB 5 mile route, but enjoyable nonetheless.