February Frenzy 2018

Post date: Feb 10, 2018 5:18:46 PM

The 2018 February Frenzy handicap race took place on Saturday 10th February with a hardy bunch of CRC runners competing in the tough trail route around Lussa Loch. The weather reports weren't promising earlier in the week with heavy rain and wind forecast. However, the weather improved in time with the rain holding off and sun splitting the sky...for at least 5 mins anyway!!!

This year the committee decided to have an 'honesty' based handicap where the runners chose which time to start off at. In addition, there was a prize for the runner who got closest to their predicted time, so there was an incentive not to be a total cheat :-)

Congratulations to Alison Semple who finished first in an impressive 58:10. It was a great run by Alison, competing in the race for the first time, and showed great strength to hold off second place Mairi McKillop, who finished in 59:35. Mairi also had a great run by knocking nearly 6 mins off her time from last year, which is incredible! The General (aka Aldo Reid) finished third in 1:04:15 (real time 48:15) with a strong run after returning back from injury. Hopefully the big man can put the injury issues behind him and get a bit of form back in the next few months.

Well done also to Elaine McGeachy who finished as the runner who was closest to their predicted time. Elaine predicted she would finish in 54:30 and finished in 54:29! Incredible...amazing how much a giant Toblerone can inspire this woman!

Well done to all runners who competed today and a big thanks to all marshals\timers (Robert Semple, Suzy Ferguson, Robert Mcdonald, Catherine McLean and Elgy O'May). Also, thanks to all bakers who provided cakes and the McLeans for sorting out hot water for the tea :-)

Full results can be found here